SAN FRANCISCO — (02-09-19) — After openly gay CHP cop Jay Brome had his lawsuit thrown out by Judge Michael Mattice, has filed an appeal against his department for years of hostility and discrimination in San Francisco Superior Court.

Jay Brome says in his lawsuit against the California Highway Patrol that he has been a victim of continuous harassment and intimidation at his workplace including finding hangers molded into the shape of penises on his locker. Being the subject of homophobic slurs from fellow CHP officers and having his name carved out of an award plaque simply because he is gay.

Brome also alleges that his fellow officers barely responded to calls for backup while he was out in the field. According to officer Jay Brome, if he called for a hit-and-run investigation or if he was in the middle of a car chase, or being on the scene of a vehicle being impounded, his co-workers would never come to back him up.

Brome also recalled a frightening incident back when he was in the highway patrol academy when a fellow cadet confronted him and held a gun against his head saying, “I know you are gay. Tell me you are gay and I will pull the trigger.”.

According to Brome, he tried to report the incidents to internal affairs but nothing ever happened, according to Brome. He says that none of the officers involved in the harassment and intimidation were ever investigated.

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“They refuse to acknowledge there’s a problem and they refuse to do anything about it,” Brome told USA Today.

CHP gay officer Jay Brome is one of 11 LGBTQ police officers who have filed complaints of discrimination. Brome retired in February 2016, on an industrial injury.

We will continue to follow this case along with the other LGBTQ police officers now suining for discrimination in the work place based on sexual orientation.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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