VAN NUYS, CA — (02-08-19) — Icon Brands and The Nines, the brand behind the popular “F*ck Me/F*ck You Mask,” announced today the release of its much softer companion, not in fabric, but in message: “The XOXO/ZZZZ Mask.”

Delivering essentially the same message as its more “blunt” counterpart, “XOXO” lets users express their bedtime wishes without ever saying a word…he’ll see it right in your eyes—or over your eyes, to be exact.

“Everything in our ‘Nines’ value-line does well,” said Sara Hentcy, Sale Manager of Icon Brands. “But the ‘F-Me and You’ mask always did particularly well…people just really seemed to get a kick out of it.” said Hentcy.

Over time, Hentcy explained, “Some ‘softer stores’ wanted a version they could stock with their tamer gifts, that would appeal to couples on the shyer side. So we added the ‘XOXO’ version for them, and it’s already a hit.” said Hentcy.

Retailers you will remember that the first mask was in a shimmering, light copper satinette, while the new one is in a light goldenrod, as seen in Icon’s product photos.

“More designs are planned,” added Hentcy, “and we’ll stay in the metallic tones that add such a luxe feel to the mask’s very plush weight.” said Hentcy.

Both designs are currently in stock and shipping. Contact Sara Hentcy and say “X-Rated” or “XOXO,” and she’ll instantly get your shipment into your stores at 1+818-380-7700, extension 105.   For more, visit icon brands | EMAIL | Facebook | Twitter.

Article by: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

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