CHATSWORTH, CA — (02-07-19) — Retailers, I am pleased to bring you the director of sales at powerhouse 665 Inc, Chris Duarte.  The distribution center that brings you their ‘MUST STOCK’ flagship brand Sport Fucker, took the time out of his hectic schedule to do an interview with me on the exciting happenings at 665 Distribution.

Ever since they first opened their doors in 1996, President and CEO Curtis Thompson has continued to offer only the very best in pleasure products and merchandise to their worldwide customer base.

Since 665 Inc built itself around serving the needs of friends in the local leather community of Los Angeles, California, they have continued to make sure that each item their R&D division produces as well as their merchandise buyers,  deliver the highest quality, comforts and expectations for retailers and adult consumers.

Today, 665 Distribution distributes Nasty Pig, the Natural collection, Neoprene and dozens more for retailers to feast upon for their inventory.

Andy Powell: Chris, thank you for chatting with me to get the inside scoop on the fresh new stimulating products at 665 Inc.

Sport Fucker New Packaging 2019 - 665 Inc

Sport Fucker New Packaging 2019 – 665 Inc

Chris Duarte: My pleasure, thank you for inviting me to speak with you on JRL CHARTS.

Andy Powell: Now Chris I have to ask you about the new packaging on all of the Sport Fucker best sellers. Give retailers the inside scoop.

Chris Duarte: We’re very excited about the new packaging, it’s really going to take the Sport Fucker brand to the next level and provide our retailers with some stunning display options, such as organizing items by department or materials.

Fucker Ring by Sport Fucker

Fucker Ring by Sport Fucker

Andy Powell: What made the creative department at 665 Inc revamp the packaging on the Sport Fucker line for 2019?

Chris Duarte: It was time! We have always been proud of the quality of our product and felt that its appearance should reflect that pride. Going from plastic bags, to foil bags and now to the new boxes was the next logical step. We’re also introducing stickers on each item with a graphic that shows how the item is meant to be used. These stickers will help capture sales from a customer that may not speak the local language or are too shy to ask a sales person for help.

Andy Powell: That is so true because retail sales associates must always be knowledgeable about all merchandise for sale in the stores and not simply stand behind the counter.  They must know everything from bullets, to dongs to vibes and of course the dongs that squirt… I do agree Chris…now tell me…When will retailers worldwide be able to stock the new packaging on the Sport Fucker flag ship brand? I know you teased attending retailers at ANME last month.

Chris Duarte: Andy we are already shipping Sport Fucker toys in the new packaging and the response from our retailers has been incredible.

Dipstick by Sport Fucker

Dipstick by Sport Fucker

Andy Powell: Well, personally speaking Chris.. I knew that once retailers got a glimpse of the new packaging, they would immediately make sure their stores are stocked with the entire collection.

Let me move to something that you knew I would have to ask you about and that is the Silicone Powershot Nozzle. The marketing campaign has just begun to get noticed by retail merchants especially with the new clean out technology it posses… does the Silicone Power Shot Nozzle which is available in blue and black, match up against its competitors?

Chris Duarte: We asked many of our dedicated customers to give us feedback on what they felt was lacking in the clean-out products currently on the market, and we listened. Along with the standard water exit point at the tip, the Powershot Nozzle features four additional exit points along the shaft so you can really get that deep clean feeling. These holes are located inside gutters that run along the nozzle to help maintain constant flow by letting water out during use. Best of all, the Powershot Nozzle is made of our pure platinum silicone so it’s super soft and flexible.

Andy Powell: What can you tell retailers who are expanding their pleasure products inventory for men.

Chris Duarte: Keep it fresh! We are always looking for new, innovative products to introduce to our retailers as well as fun ways to expand on our existing lines. Customers today aren’t afraid to try something different, give them something to play with!

Andy Powell:  While I was putting together the promos for this interview, I had to plug the X-3 Machine by Sport Fucker.  This will truly be a winner in retail.  Let me ask you…You deal directly with our readers who are your customers – What advise can you give to them on how to stock and display the top selling lines from 665?

Chris Duarte: It’s all about the lighting, really. Highlight the new Sport Fucker packaging with some well-placed spotlights showcasing the bold colors and they’ll fly off the shelves.

Andy Powell: Are you or any member of the 665 promotion team available to help set up display sections in brick and mortar stores?

Chris Duarte: We’re always willing to speak with our retailers about product placement.

Andy Powell:  One thing you know retailers are constantly complaining about are products that easily break upon usage. Customers asking for pleasure products that aren’t so…..might I say..fragile? What can you tell retailers about the sturdiness as well as stimulation of 665 Inc products.

Chris Duarte: The name 665 has always stood for quality. We don’t just manufacture and sell these products, we use them. If a product doesn’t exceed our expectations, we won’t sell it!

Andy Powell: President and CEO of 665 Inc, Curtis Thompson, has a keen eye for selecting brands that turn out to be huge hits among pleasure products customers. Whats it like working with a man who provides you with the products that stores and customers find irresistible or their stimulation needs?

The Cock Cam with Mini-Camera by Sport Fucker

The Cock Cam with Mini-Camera by Sport Fucker

Chris Duarte: I’m always in awe of Mr. Thompson’s well-developed business sense and have learned a great deal about the market in the years I’ve worked for him. Above all, however, I am proud to be able to call him a friend as well.

Andy Powell: That is so true Chris and that is why I am going to lobby to get him in the hot seat next! Now tell me …with Valentine’s Day around the corner and Pride 2019 coming soon, what can retailers and adult consumers expect from 665 Inc?

Chris Duarte: Always expect the best! We have a few great new toys that we will be launching very soon, just in time for World Pride in New York!

Andy Powell: Outstanding….you will keep JRL CHARTS and retail merchants in the loop right?

Chris Duarte: JRL CHARTS and our retailers will always be the first to know about 665 Inc. and Sport Fucker’s latest and greatest.

Andy Powell: Careful Chris because you know how reporters get spoiled..LOL…Chris, thank you for taking the time to chat with me for our loyal readers on the exciting things taking place at 665 Inc.

Chris Duarte: Of course! Thank you for letting us share our excitement about the new Sport Fucker packaging and products!

Andy Powell: As an added bonus retailers, review 665 Distribution’s new promo for The Cock Cam with mini-camera by Sport Fucker.

Retailers, make sure to review the official 665 Distribution website to review their entire line up!

For retailers who have not yet experienced the 665 experience, you will find excellent customer service, immediate shipping and some of the best profitable products on the market today.

Contact one of 665 Distribution’s sales representatives to for ordering information at 1+818-678-9193 | EMAIL | Facebook | Google+ | Instagram | Twitter.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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