New York City — (02-06-19) — New York City is being sued by an anti-LGBT hate group following Governor Cuomo banning conversion therapy for minors statewide on January 26.

It seems that after the New York City Council passed legislation outlawing conversion therapy for minors which was followed by Governor Cuomo banning the horrific practice statewide, Orthodox Jewish conversion therapist Dr. David Schwartz, based in Brooklyn, had enough and is suing with the help of Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), and who are now joining five other lawsuits across the country some claim to be “ex-gays”, have filed a lawsuit against the city of New York City claiming that the conversion ban is a direct violation of Dr. David Schwartz’ freedom of speech and his religious freedom.

anti-LGBT hate group Sues NYC Over Conversion Therapy Ban

anti-LGBT hate group Sues NYC Over Conversion Therapy Ban

The anti-LGBT hate group naturally agreed with conversion therapist Dr. David Schwartz by saying…”Dr. Schwartz has a right to use his professional skills to assist patients to live in accordance with their shared religious faith, including the religious mandates of the Torah.”

This is sure to be a battle between conservatives and progressives however New York politics in no way will allow conversion therapy to ever return.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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