SAN FRANCISCO — (01-31-19) — To kick off the weekend, Treasure Island Media releases the 1st scene of ‘Butt Lunch’: Butt Snack 2 for its members on TimSuck.

The all-you-can-eat sequel to 2013’s Butt Snack, is now available exclusively to members on TIMSuck. Back by popular demand for all ass-eating aficionados, Butt Lunch is a collection of rimming-centric scenes. While there’s also sucking and fucking, every scene in Butt Lunch showcases the fine art of licking, savoring, and eating out men’s holes.

Butt-Lunch_Butt Snack 2 (2019) DVD - Treasure Island Media

Butt-Lunch_Butt Snack 2 (2019) DVD – Treasure Island

TIMSuck dropped the ‘MUST SEE’ Butt Lunch Scene 1 this morning with a powerfu TIM debut by Jay Austin. Jay’s big beefy butt was the perfect treat for Jacob Durham, who slurps Jay’s hole to orgasm.

Exhibitionist and brown-bottle conASSeur Guy Larson gets his ass pampered on the rooftops of San Francisco by an all-too-eager Dublin O’Toole. Verified cock hound Max Cameron makes two appearances, tongue-fucking the widespread holes of Shay Michaels and Denver. Tyson James and Zach Blunt go head to tail in an ass-munching, cock-sucking, 69.

Those interested may watch these scenes and more from Butt Lunch on TIMSuck, included with both TIMPASS and TIMPASS+ memberships.

Butt Lunch: Butt Snack 2 features butthole fiends Ameer, Jay Austin, Zach Blunt, Max Cameron, Jay Davis, Denver, Jacob Durham, Tyson James, Guy Larson, Dublin O’Toole, Shay Michaels, Taylor Murphy and Ethan Storm.

“Back by popular demand in the porn stash, for all you ass-eating aficionados – BUTT LUNCH – BUTT SNACK 2 – a collection of rimming centric scenes. While there is some sucking and some fucking – every scene in BUTT LUNCH is really about the fine art of going to town on a man by licking, savoring, eating out his hole. Will you ‘Stay for Dinner’.

Watch Butt Lunch: Butt Snack 2 Scene 1 exclusively on TIMSuck.

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Cast: Jay Austin | Jacob Durham

genres: Bareback | Big Dicks | Creampies | Cum Shots | Hairy | Rimming

Directed by: Paul Morris

Production co: Treasure Island Media

Distributed by: New Barbary Coast

Country: USA

Language: English

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Retailers and distribution outlets can get immediate ordering information on Butt Lunch: Butt Snack 2 on DVD by contacting David Downs at New Barbary Coast Distribution (NBCD) | 1+877-553-8181 | 1+415-553-8181 | EMAIL.

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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