LGBT POLITICS — (01-24-19) — Brazil’s only openly gay Congressman has left his job, home and country over multiple death threats. Elected three times to congress with his win last October with impressive numbers, Wyllys has left everything he owned and loved in Brazil.

The news went viral following an interview published by daily Folha de S. Paulo which quickly got  picked up by The Associated Press, The Guardian and the Washington Post. Congressman Jean Wyllys said in a interview that he has no plans on returning to Brazil especially under the homophobic government currently in power.

Jean Wyllys says that he had received multiple death threats against his life and considering the increase in homophobic violence against the LGBTQ community, he felt that he had to leave for the sake of his own safety.

Following his interview, Congressmen Jean Wyllys posted to Instagram the following statement:

“Preserving the threatened life is also a strategy of fighting for better days.We have done a lot for the common good.And we will do much more when the new time comes, no matter what we do by other means.Thank you and all of you with all your heart. Axé!”

The openly gay congressman saw a pattern emerging following the death of his friend and political ally councilwoman Marielle Franco. The late councilwoman who was part of Rio de Janeiro council, was shot and killed with her driver last in 2018.

Matters didn’t help with Brazilian right wing homophobic president Jair Bolsonaro boasting how he is a “proud homophobe” to the citizens of Brazil. Think about it, when you have a president publicly saying…“I’d rather have a dead son than a gay son.”, several red flags are going to immediately pop up!

In fact president Jair Bolsonaro wasted no time following his inauguration by immediately removing all LGBTQ protections and political issues from the agenda of the Human Rights Ministry.

According to an aide to Jean Wyllys, the former Congressman is safe and sound in an undisclosed location.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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