CHATSWORTH, CA — (01-17-19) — xHamster grants #Shutdown Government employees a way to alleviate their stress by offering free premium access to the 800,000 US government employees affected by the “furlough.”

“We know that government employees who have been furloughed are being forced to make hard choices between essentials like rent, food and transportation,” noted Alex Hawkins, Vice President of xHamster, which has been working to rid the site of pirated materials. “We don’t want anyone affected to spend money on adult material. Therefore, for the remainder of the shutdown, we will provide free access to xHamster Premium to anyone who can provide proof of government employment.” said Hawkins.

Hawkins says that employees can contact xHamster support either from a government email, or with an image of a valid government ID. The gay adult content company will not keep any records, but instead will give a limited-time pass to users, which will be updated should the shutdown continue.

“We know that these employees have time on their hands, and we’d rather they spend it with us. Studies have shown that adult material can provide not only entertainment, but stress relief and better overall well-being.”

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