VEENDEM, NETHERLANDS — (01-17-19) — EDC Wholesale house brands were presented by Alexander Institute at the ANME Founders show that took place in Burbank, California and received great responses from adult store buyers.

ANME visitors were presented with the brands Boners, Sway Vibes, FPPR, and Yiva – the newest addition to the house brands collection.

The EDC Wholesale team joined the Alexander Institute team to support them in promoting the brands to the international customers and to demonstrate the products. “We are thankful to Alexander Institute for the opportunity to present our brands to the international public here in the States.” Said Andre Visser, International Sales Director at EDC Wholesale.

“It was great to meet the customers and to listen to their feedback on the products and brands. We’ve learned so much from the US market and their needs as it differs in some ways from the EU market.” said Visser. “Coming to the ANME show was a great experience. The main feedback from the customers was that the brand’s look and feel truly stand out and that the different brands all blend together very well as well. The response on the product quality was also highly positive, so all in all great responses which leaves us to return with a good vibe after the show. When we return to the office we will discuss our future plans for the US market as we’ve seen many potentials for our house brands.” said Visser.

Retailers can get more information on Boners, Sway Vibes, FPPR, and Yiva collection by contacting a sales representative at EDC Wholesale at +31 598 690 453 | EMAIL | B2B Site | Facebook | Linkedin | Twitter | YouTube.

Article by: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

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