LOS ANGELES — (01-16-19) — Rocks-Off sent word to our newsroom over their excitement with the success the company captured with retail at ANME.

Customers were presented with the recently awarded Dr. Rocco Steam Punk range together with the elegantly powerful Chaiamo and EveryGirl along with further brand-new releases for the show.

“ANME is a great show for us,” said Sales Manager Sham Galoria. “The Chaiamo and EveryGirl are amazing products and when buyers actually feel them for them-selves they really are bowled over by the power. We believe that the Chaiamo is currently one of the most powerful products of its kind in the current market.” said Galoria.

Galoria continued…“The quality and presentation are second to none and certainly you would expect products like this to have a higher retail tag than $ 54.99 for Chaiamo and $82.99 for the dual motored EveryGirl. Our customers were ordering in large amounts and we will be adding more to this range further into 2019!” said Galoria.

“Dr Rocco oozes with true Steam Punk tradition and style which pulled customers to the booth,” added Galoria. “The packaging and finishes on this range speak for themselves, along with the brand elements that have been perfectly executed by our Art Director whose work is amazing and always complemented on throughout the industry. Addtionally the Dr Rocco Furtle cards, that accompany the range, were great show pleasers!” Galoria added. “Our new releases for the show went down in great style with additions to the Touch of Velvet range, new Cosmic Delights holographic RO 90s, which we believe are another first to market in terms of finish, and the IBEX kit which sits within the Manex range.” said Galoria.

The company also aimed the launch the revamped website Rocks-Off to coincide with the event so customers could access inventory information and associated elements as they placed their orders.

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Article by: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

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