FLENSBERG, GR — (01-15-19) — Leading European distributor Orion Wholesale, has confirmed it has added SenseMax new high-tech sex toys to its catalog.

The products from SenseMax “let a man’s heart beat faster, because they combine high tech, innovation and sexual satisfaction in virtual reality,” said a spokesperson from Orion Wholesale.

According to the sales team at Orion Wholesale, the SenseMax SenseTube rechargeable masturbator offers men interactive handjobs or blowjobs, allowing users to adjust the sensations to their individual preferences with the airlock system. It has five vibration modes, 12 vibration levels and an inner sleeve with stimulating dots.

Applying pressure with a hand to the soft case will increase the stimulation even further. It becomes interactive when used with the virtual reality SenseMax headset Sense VR and the free SensePlayer app.

Adult users can simply put their smartphone into the headset to enjoy 180- and 360-degree experiences.

Retailers, the SenseMax SenseBand is an interactive wristband that, when used with the masturbator and the VR headset, takes another step as it connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone and the SensePlayer app.

The motion sensor inside synchronizes the speed of the masturbator with the video playing on the smartphone inside the VR headset.

The VR headset and the SenseMax wristband are also available in a set. Plus remember that all SenseMax products are now available at Orion Wholesale.  Contact your account representative at +49 (0)461 50 40 210 | EMAIL | Official B2B Site | Facebook | Google+ | Twitter | YouTube

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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