CHARLOTTE, N.C. — (01-15-19) — The DigiRegs content regulation and copyright protection platform that utilizes video fingerprinting and content ID technology,  teams up with the AEBN Network.

DigiRegs delivers this service via a proprietary platform that spiders in real-time a large partner base of adult tube sites for any matched video or clip content.

Content is initially ingested via API or Tracker applications with a small DNA audio/visual component of each video being retained in the platform to continually spider our network of sites.

Automatic removal of content is achieved for those tube sites DigiRegs has an API relationship with, for any other, DMCA notifications are sent automatically to remove content. This world class platform has functionality that can also reduce clip duration’s for AEBN on an infringing tube site, also taking into consideration any business rules that can be applied.

This ensures any partners, affiliates or channels are whitelisted and ignored for DMCA purposes across each studio or brand for the AEBN Network,” said Lukas Taylor, DigiRegs’ vice president of sales. “With the continual demand from users for high quality product, it is increasingly important to be ahead of the users who choose to pirate porn through activation of sophisticated technologies like DigiRegs.” said Taylor.

DigiRegs and AEBN will collectively tackle piracy issues and content infringements with the adoption of the DigiRegs platform and associated tube network partners, he said.

AEBN is home to well-known adult studio brands, such as NakedSword, Hot House, Raging Stallion, Jocks, Rock Candy, Hot Candy, Girl Candy and Falcon Studios.

“We are super excited to partner with AEBN in the fight against piracy and upholding compliant usage of their adult entertainment content,”added Taylor. “Models, producers and crew work extremely hard to make this world class content and in doing so it deserves to be safeguarded and regulated. We believe that piracy needs to be taken seriously in the adult space, and we are partnering with content producers and tube sites to achieve this goal.” said Taylor.

Taylor further stated…”For brands like AEBN, Clips4Sale, Dreamroom Productions, Lucas Entertainment, ManyVids and other popular adult brands, the technology is imperative to keep on top of online piracy today.  In fact they’ve chosen DigiRegs,DigiRegs goes beyond just spidering and content removal. DigiRegs offers a value proposition for both publishers and studios alike, creating a synergistic reciprocal relationship with their direct integrations.” concluded Taylor.

Taylor added that DigiRegs will be announcing two “exciting innovations” to the platform this month.

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Article by: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

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