LINCOLN, NE — (01-13-19) — Lincoln Police are searching for a man armed with a semi-automatic rifle who robbed an adult store last Friday in Northwest Lincoln. The suspect ran off with cash and several boxes of sex toys.

Doctor John’s, located at 2410 N.W. 12th St, Lincoln, becomes the first victim to suffer from an armed robbery in 2019.

Doctor John's, adult store - 710 N 48th St, Lincoln, Nebraska - JRL-CHARTS

Doctor John’s, adult store – 2410 N.W. 12th St, Lincoln, Nebraska – JRL-CHARTS

The armed suspect entered Doctor John’s around 11 p.m Friday night with a semi-automatic rifle and demanded cash from the clerk. Police say the gunman wore a mask during the robbery so they don’t know what race the suspect is. They do know he is a male but that is about it.

When I contacted the Lincoln Police department’s investigators, I asked if they are using Face recognition software (FRS), considering over the past two years, law enforcement has had the tech to see through masks to identify suspects.

However, I could not get an answer to that question. I asked if detectives were told by Doctor John’s, the contents of the boxes filled with sex toys. Their response was that police have no idea of the contents of the boxes filled with stolen merchandise.

The only information I was able to obtain is that the suspect is described as being short individual, around 5’2”, 150 pounds, wearing a black ski mask and bandanna, and he left in an unknown vehicle.

The Lincoln Police department are asking for anyone with information on this crime to call us at 1+402-441-6000.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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