LAS VEGAS — (01-12-19) — Powerhouse Helix Studios uploaded Vegas Nights Part Two on their official YouTube channel and already the buzz is out on the outstanding professional acting delivered by Helix Exclusives Joey Mills, Angel Rivera and Corbin Colby.

The big budget blockbuster was directed by Alex Roman and written by Taylor Saracen. Executive Producer Keith Miller and producer Casey Roman are sure to be smiling all the way to the bank in Video On Demand licensing fees, Digital Downloads, New Memberships to the official Helix Studios Network and of course DVD sales once retailers worldwide get their hands on the DVD version of Vegas Nights.

Vegas Nights Part Two - Joey Mills - Screenclip-10

Vegas Nights Part Two – Joey Mills

Vegas Nights Part Two - Angel Rivera-and-Corbin-Colby-Screenclip-32
Vegas Nights Part Two – Angel Rivera-and-Corbin-Colby

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Vegas Nights Part Two Synopsis:
“Jealous much? Joey Mills claims he’s cool with his boyfriend, Angel Rivera, checking out the hot dancers at the club, even when they realize one of the gorgeous Go-Go guys is Angel’s ex, Corbin Colby. To prove how unfazed he is, Joey suggests a threesome. Surprised but game, Angel asks Corbin if he wants to chill. And that’s when things get hot!”

Cast: Angel Rivera | Corbin Colby | Joey Mills

genres: 18-25| Bareback | Big Dicks | Blonds | Kissing | Power Bottoms | Rimming


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Directed by: Alex Roman

Written by: Taylor Saracen

Screenplay by: Taylor Saracen

Producer: Casey Roman

Executive Producer: Keith Miller

Production co: Helix Studios

Distributed by: Helix Studios Inc | 13 Red Media Publishing

Country: USA

Language: English

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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