SANTA CLARITA, CA — (01-09-19) — SHOTS America and their veteran sales team are preparing for their biggest ANME appearance yet, with its SHOTS MEGA Booth that is sure draw retail buyers to it in droves.

President of SHOTS America, Ruben Deitz, told JRL CHARTS that they will be on hand displaying 24 Distinct product lines, including their award-winnrs and worldwide top sellers. That includes collections of the Boom, Chrystalino, Electroshock, Elegance, Fist It, GC, Heat, Hiky, Irresistible and JIL. Not to mention, LoveLine, Luna, Man Cage, Ouch Skulls & Bones, Ouch Graffiti, Ouch Elegant, Ouch!, Pumped, Rich, Sexercise, Shots Dolls, Simplicity, SLT and the breathtaking SONO collection.

The SHOTS Mega Booth located at 301 to 306, will be 60 Feet Wide x 8 Feet Deep and will house over 1,200 items on display at ANME.

One new brand that is sure to attract huge attention is SHOTS ‘Irresistible‘. The Irresistible is the ideal combination of cutting-edge technology, high-quality, aesthetics and ergonomic design.

According to SHOTS R&D division, the Technology works by gently and indirectly, stimulating the clitoris with 11 different intensity levels ranging from super-soft to powerful. This beautifully designed toy encircles your clitoris without touching it and stimulates it via soft pressure air waves which creates a unique tissue penetrating vibration that cannot be achieved without the use of this technology.

Irresistible - Toy Tester DisplayStimufacts
· Touchless Airwave Technology
· Soft Touch Technology
· 11 Airwave Power Settings
· High Grade Silicone
· Body Safe – Hypoallergenic
· Unique Sealed Silicone Membrane for Hygiene
· 100% Water Proof (IPX7)
· USB Magnetic Rechargeable (Charger Included)
· New Generation F-1 Motors
· 10 Vibration Patterns (3 Speeds + 7 Patterns)
· Vibration Motor 5,500 RPM
· Suction Motor 4,500 RPM
· Airwave Technology 1,540+ m/s
· Discreet Travel Friendly Size
· Charging Time 2 Hours
· Battery Life on a Full Charge 1 Hour
· 1 Year Warranty
· CE Certified
· World Patent Pending Technology

Sound waves can travel through various media including liquids and solids. The average propagation speed for sound in body tissue is 1540 m/s, the speed of sound also varies by the medium it travels through. Sound waves travels faster through muscle tissues than liquids).

With the creation of our Touch-less Airwave Technology, we are able to create the perfect sound wave pulsation which can travel through tissue and stimulate the clitoral nerve endings producing the most profound orgasms you will ever experience!

Unlike other vibrators which can irritate or desensitize your clitoris by over stimulation. The Irresistible is not subject to over stimulation due to its Touch-less Air Wave Technology. Are ready to experience the most intense Orgasms of your life?

Retailers can make an appointment with a veteran SHOTS America sales representative as soon as possible. They are almost completely booked!

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Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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