MOUNT PLEASANT, WI — (12-31-18) — Mt. Pleasant city officials are eager to close an adult store loophole currently on the books that allows “prurient adult only” businesses to open nearly anywhere in the village.

The oversight was caught by Mount Pleasant Community Development Director Sam Schultz and Zoning Planner Robin Palm in October. After their finding, the Mount Pleasant Plan Commission unanimously moved on Wednesday Dec.19, to impose a 12-month moratorium on “prurient adult only” developments.

If the Village Board moves forward by approving the moratorium at its next meeting on Jan. 14, no adult business will be able to apply for a business license and permit to open an adult-only business (ie., Strip clubs, adult video stores or adult novelty stores), until January 2020.

According to a spokesperson for the Mount Pleasant Plan Commission spokesperson, the moratorium will give village staff time to develop zoning laws and restrictions that will accommodate both potential adult entertainment entrepreneurs and residents who don’t want to live near adult entertainment establishments.

Director Sam Schultz said that at currently there are no “prurient adult only establishments” in the village however they were alarmed when word got out back in October how adult store mega retail chain Adam and Eve sued Oklahoma City over such zoning regulations. [Reference – Click Here]

Schultz admitted that currently the only type of zoning district in the village where “prurient adult only establishments” aren’t allowed is in a business park. That zoning restriction was approved in 1999 however, adult only businesses currently are allowed to open in residential areas with the loophole on the books.

“As such, the village would have a hard time legally rejecting a proposal to open up an adult store anywhere that isn’t in a business park” said Schultz.

But Zoning Planner Robin Palm thinks otherwise by saying that banning all adult establishments outright would leave the village vulnerable to a lawsuit. “It’s a tough issue,” said Palm. “There has to be somewhere for them to go.” said Palm. Plan commissioners approved the moratorium unanimously on Dec. 19.

Currently the county hosts adult store businesses such as Success Video in Racine and Superb Video in Kenosha. JRL CHARTS will continue to follow this story as new developments become available.

Article by: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

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