LAS VEGAS, NV — (12-26-18) — Get ready as ‘Sexy Rich Gaysians’, the first all-Asian gay romantic comedy is set to premier Friday, Dec. 28.

Episode 1 of ‘Sexy Rich Gaysians by PeterFever Entertainment will go live online as the gay porn studio’s first gay porn series featuring an all-Asian cast. Not to mention, a rare foray into gay erotic romantic comedy.

The Las Vegas-set script promises local color and high-tech silliness in its screwball romance between an earnest student and his mega-rich Asian high-rolling boyfriend. It stars PeterFever veterans Axel Kane and Jessie Lee, newcomer John Rene and gay adult industry debutant Alec Cruz.

According to director says of ‘Sexy Rich G|aysians’… the story takes inspiration from the recent mainstream movie blockbuster Sexy Rich Asians. When LA student Justyn (John Rene) is invited to Las Vegas by his boyfriend David (Alec Cruz), the news that David is actually “more than crazy rich: sexy rich!” turns his world upside down. Well-meaning meddling from Justyn’s friend Darryl (Jessie Lee) and golddigging gay-for-pay muscle hunk Bobo (Axel Kane) add to the plot’s complications and hilarity.

Sexy Rich Gaysians - gay porn - cast-PeterFever

Romantic comedy is not a genre often associated with gay porn, and Sexy Rich Gaysians is no laugh riot during its hot erotic hookups. Story scenes are set up with light humorous dialogue and innovative onscreen SMS conversations, but when sex takes over, it’s pure XXX eroticism with a hint of romantic connection. The fast-living, fast money culture of Vegas is a perfect match for the story, PeterFever’s second series shot in its new Sin City home. One striking scene takes place in a luxury hotel suite when David reveals his wealth to Justyn and showers him with handfuls of colorful international currency. They make love on a bed scattered with dozens of ridiculously high-denomination bills.

Sexy Rich Gaysians’ script is by PeterFever’s Len Whitney, and the video is helmed by noted gay adult director Koloff, who might admit to his slapstick cameo as an obnoxious, racist bathhouse counter clerk who gets his comeuppance at the hands of mega-rich David. Sex scenes at the spa will be familiar to Vegas locals and tourists as they are shot on location at Sin City’s famous Entourage Gay Spa and Health Club. Two musical selections that spark the video’s mood of fun and light romance are provided by noted mainstream film composer Stephen Viens.

According to insiders at Zbuckz and PeterFever, executive producer Danny Zeeman needed a bit of convincing to take on this comic romance with a sizzling XXX edge as the studio’s next big project, but he thinks the results speak for themselves.

Sexy Rich Gaysians gay porn screenclip - PeterFever

The premier episode of Sexy Rich Gaysians premieres Friday, Dec.28 exclusively on the PeterFever Gay Porn Network.

Cast: John Rene | Alec Cruz | Axel Kane | Jessie Lee

genres: Asian Men | Blowjobs | Kissing | Power Bottoms

PeterFever Entertainment: Official Website

Directed by: Koloff

Written by: Len Whitney

Executive Producer: Danny Zeeman

Production co: PeterFever

Distributed by: Zbuckz | WebMediaPro

Country: USA

Language: English

Release Date: December 28, 2018

Article by: William Lopez, Staff Writer

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