PARIS, FR — (12-26-18) — News of Institut Pasteur scientists succeeding in destroying HIV in Immune Cells, has gone viral. The exciting news announced by the Institut Pasteur was breath taking. While currently HIV is brought down to undetectable levels with medications, a small amount of the HIV virus is latent within certain immune cells.

According to a spokesperson of the Institute, today’s HIV treatments still cannot to eradicate the virus.

“The antiretroviral treatment used today is designed to block HIV infection but is not able to eliminate the virus from the body,” said the Institute. “The virus remains in reservoirs… the main targets of HIV.” said the Institut Pasteur.

CD4 lymphocyte immune cells are the main targets of HIV

Finding a way to destroy the hidden reservoirs within the immune cells has become a key target among scientists wishing to cure HIV. Even in today’s available treatments which keep patients in the ‘Un-detectable’ area, the virus still lays hidden and remains in reservoirs. The CD4 lymphocyte immune cells are the main targets of HIV.

“We have observed ex vivo that, thanks to certain metabolic inhibitors,” said Asier Saez-Cirion, coordinator of the study. “The virus is no longer able to infect cells and amplification is halted in reservoirs of patients receiving antiretroviral treatment.” said Saez-Cirion.

According to the Institut Pasteur, “This research opens new ways towards possible remission through the elimination of reservoir cells. The next research phase will involve assessing the potential of these metabolic inhibitors in vivo. Review the entire study, Click Here

This study was funded by the Institut Pasteur, AmfAR (American Foundation for AIDS research) and Sidaction.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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