SINGAPORE — (12-19-18) — Conservatives are in shock as the Singapore Supreme Court made a surprising ruling that allows a same-sex couple to adopt their child conceived through surrogacy here in the United States.

The case began its history making victory last year when plaintiffs James and Shawn were denied back in 2014 the change to adopt their son Noel. In a 145 page judgment released on Monday, the Singapore Supreme Court led by Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, ruled that the adoption bid should be allowed as it is the judgement of the court that it would “increase the child’s prospects of acquiring Singapore citizenship and securing long-term residence in Singapore,” said Justice Menon.

Singapore continues to have a law on its books banning gay sex and the government has said any change to legislation removing the ban will need to take into account public opinion, which is deeply divided over LGBTQ rights.

In the end, the High Court ruled that the child’s welfare took precedence over the objections and arguments to deny the bid. The three judges found that there was a public policy that is in favor of parenthood within James and Shawn’s marriage and that Noel’s welfare would be better off if he were adopted by his father.

The child was born via a surrogate mother in the USA securing the services of a reproduction process using James’ sperm. The child named Noel, is an American citizen living in Singapore on a dependent’s pass. The pass must be renewed every six months by making Noel leave the country for the renewal process. A costly venture to say the least.

Thanks to the Singapore Supreme Court ruling, James can now adopt his son Noel as a single father which will give him sole rights and responsibility over the child, including applying for Singaporean citizenship for him. James and Shaun are excited about the historic ruling by the high court. James and Shawn have been together since 1998 and have been married since 2005.

James said in a statement…”It was particularly arduous but I am thankful that I can finally adopt my son. Now he will be able to stay here in Singapore with his family.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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