NEW YORK, NY — (12-10-18) — New York City Police are investigating a hate crime attack attack on a New York City Subway rider that took place on Nov. 30. The woman was attacked on a subway in Queens.

The cell phone video of the hate crime clearly shows the male suspect. Police have yet to identify the man who was shouting anti-LGBTQ epithets at a 20-year-old woman who had just received a kiss no the cheek from another woman on the subway.

This triggered the insecure male suspect as he yelled out…“I’m going to show you all, dyke,” said the insecure suspect who police describe as a black male between 50 and 60 years old. The suspect continued his rant on the the 20 year-old woman saying…“Kiss her again!”

Police told JRL CHARTS that the woman attempted to walk about to avoid problems. However that didn’t calm the suspect down. He then approached the woman from behind and punched her in the back of her head. He then pushed her to the floor of the subway train where she hit her head. The suspect immediately got off the train once it came to a stop.

Police have not confirmed the victim’s sexual orientation nor have they revealed her identity.

The victim who suffered a fractured spine was transported to a nearby hospital in Elmhurst, Queens. Police said the victim and the woman who kissed her on the cheek were acquaintances.

Since the Trump administration came into power, hate crimes upon the LGBTQ community have risen at an alarming rate. According to a published report by the FBI in November 2018, they found that the number of hate crimes reported to the agency increased 17 percent in 2017 from the previous year.

Two-thirds of 2017 victims were targeted over ancestry, ethnicity and race. Sexual orientation and religion also were factors in the report as well as attacks on Jewish-Americans.

Watch the explosive footage uploaded to twitter by the NYPD:

Anyone with information on this case are asked to contact the New York City Police Department Special Victims Unit at 1+718-520-9277.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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