LONDON — (12-05-18) — LELO has introduced “self-love days” for its U.K. staff, offering employees four extra days off every year for the purpose of having more regular orgasms.

According to Insider, the new policy stems from the premium sex and intimacy brand’s “Economy of Orgasms” research, which it says found that 78 percent of people say they feel happier and less stressed after having an orgasm and 65 percent say they are more productive at work the next day.

The “self-love days” are first being rolled out to employees in the U.K. with the potential of expanding the policy to all of LELO’s 600 employees worldwide.

“Self-love days follow the format of duvet days, but with a twist: employees are encouraged to take the day to fulfill themselves sexually and have plenty of orgasms,” the company told Insider.

“Whether it’s alone or with a partner, LELO believes that offering employees the chance to take days off dedicated to sexual pleasure will improve happiness, reduce stress and ultimately improve the productivity of its workforce.”

LELO said more orgasms could contribute to boosting happiness to U.K. workers by 10 percent to 20 percent, allowing them to produce the same output in four days instead of five.

A 10 percent hike would translate to an increase in output of £129.13 per week, per person. If every one of the 32.4 million people working in the U.K. increased their productivity by 10 percent this could add £3.5 billion a week to productive output.

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Article by: William Lopez, Staff Writer

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