CHATSWORTH, CA — (12-03-18) —  Clandestine Devices confirms they are now shipping its latest release, Mimic + Plus to adult stores worldwide.

“I was excited to feel the deeper, rumbly vibrations of Mimic + Plus and think that it’s going to really expand the reach of Mimic’s fan base,” said Coyote Amrich, director of purchasing and product development for Good Vibrations and Babeland. “Plus — those colors!” said Amrich.

The new curved handheld rechargeable toy comes in two new colors, Magenta and Stealth Grey, and its slightly larger size accommodates a more intense motor and supportive battery. The Mimic + Plus still has an LED beacon, but its charging indicator is now 50 percent dimmer.

“The Mimic is a uniquely designed toy that really is a natural extension of the hand,” says Angela Wells, founder and CEO of Vibrant. “We had the pleasure of seeing the Mimic + Plus at ANME this July. We are ecstatic over the awesome design with more power. We are always happy to partner with brands like Clandestine Devices. They are a company that share our same set of values — body-safe, pleasure focused, and inclusivity.” said Wells.

The package size has also been scaled down for a sleeker appearance and feel, and the Mimic + Plus powers on at its lowest level for improved ascension through six rumbly vibration speeds and eight vibration patterns, with a new magnetic charging connection that gives more than two hours of pulsations on a single charge.

“We already love the Mimic and our team knows that it’s a uniquely versatile product,” says Megan Swartz, general manager and buyer for Deja Vu. “The Mimic + Plus will be a perfect addition in our stores because we already do so well with the original when we explain the many ways to use it — the Plus has all of those benefits and will provide an option for a whole different channel of guests that are looking for that level of vibration. Our team is also very excited for the new colors!” said Swartz.

Like its predecessor, Mimic + Plus is made of FDA-approved silicone, is fully submersible, and offers a private travel lock. It is supported by a one-year warranty, and comes with a multi-lingual user guide.

“We are so excited to have the Mimic + Plus in stock and ready for shipping, we want to thank everyone who have been so patient and so supportive of us,” added Clandestine Devices’ director of operations Kimberly Faubel. “The larger size and more powerful motor was specially crafted with the intention of giving our less sensitive users a stronger sensation for overall satisfaction. The response was incredible. Now it is time to show the world!” said Faubel.

Retailers can get more information on the ‘MUST STOCK’ Mimic + Plus by contacting an authorized distributor; East Coast News | Eldorado | Williams Trading Co.

For more information on Clandestine Devices, visit their official website and, follow them on social media at Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube.

Article by: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

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