VEENDAM, THE NETHERLANDS — (11-15-18) — EDC Wholesale and the popular Motorbunny, have confirmed they have signed an exclusive distribution deal. The exclusive deal is for the MotorBunny Premium Pack Sex Machines. EDC Wholesale will handle all distribution to retailers throughout the European Union.

MotorBunny is a powerful sex machine that doesn’t just provide a comfortable use thanks to the soft seat, but it also comes with various attachments. With the practical remote control, the vibrations and rotations are easy to set to anyone’s preferences. MotorBunny also developed an app for even more possibilities.

The MotorBunny will be shipped beginning Dec. 1 and can now be pre-ordered from the Holland-based EDC Wholesale Center.

According to Motorbunny’s R&D division…Retailers can offer your customers a powerful sex machine at an affordable price. This complete set includes various extra attachments for a different sensation with every use.

The MotorBunny attachments can vibrate, rotate and pulsate, and they are easy to place on the sex machine. With the buttons on the remote control, you can easily adjust the rotating and vibrating settings. It is also possible to control the MotorBunny with the use of an app from any mobile device. Download the app, connect it to the sex machine and let the machine vibrate anyway you want. The user can also send out an invitation to join the app, so some else can control the MotorBunny from anywhere in the world.

Retailers, the MotorBunny Premium Pack has limited availability and can only be pre-ordered at EDC Wholesale so don’t delay. For more information regarding purchase options, contact your sales representative at EDC Wholesale at +31 598 690 453 | EMAIL | B2B Site | Facebook | Linkedin | Twitter | YouTube.

Article by: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

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