OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — (11-12-18) — It’s official, Oklahoma City Council has caved into pressure and decided to eliminate adult novelty store restrictions as long as 25 percent or less of adult toys and novelties are displayed.

Oklahoma City Council members have been attempting to fend off a costly lawsuit brought forth by Adam & Eve adult novelty stores of Oklahoma city.  The council voted 5-3 last Tuesday to eliminate regulations that require stores selling adult sex toys and novelties to be at least 1,000 feet from churches, schools, libraries, playgrounds and residential property.

Stores who refuse to adhere to the 25 percent limit on display space will continue to face restrictions and fines. The vote held by the Oklahoma City Council last Tuesday amends Chapter 30, Article XIV. The revised ordinance for adult novelty stores is set to become law on Thursday Dec.6.

City leaders were smart to come to this decision as they were potentially looking at an expensive legal battle with a number of adult store owners for years to come.

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Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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