CHATSWORTH, CA — (11-08-18) — 665 Distribution has confirmed that they are now stocking and shipping E-Stim Systems products in time for the holidays. As retailers are now stocking for the holiday season, 665 Distribution brings you 22 fresh products from E-Stim Systems LLC including the Helix Blue Pack, E-Stim Systems 2B with Upgraded Accessory Pack, the E-Stim Systems Remote, E-Stim Systems Python, E-Stim Systems OMG Electrode and more.

According to 665 Distribution’s sales department, the Helix Blue Pack is the perfect starter kit to begin one’s ElectroSex journey. With the Helix Blue Pack, adult consumers will get all of this at a great price.

  • ElectroHelix Power Box:
    1 x 3.5mm to 2mm/TENS Connection Cable
    2 x 2mm Conductive Rubber Loops
    4 x Self Adhesive Electro Pads
    1 x PP3 Battery
    1 x User Manual
    1 x Carry Case

Then you have the ‘E-Stim Systems Remote‘ which caught this reporter’s eye. If you are looking for a way to control your subject from a distance, then the E-Stim Systems Remote is for you. With a simple keyfob transmitter and a powerful E-Stim receiver, the remote give control electroplay a new flavor.

Using a high quality digitally encoded transmitter and receiver together with a dual microprocessor control system you can be sure that the remote offers you a simple, powerful and highly effective remote controlled electro experience. Packing a world first, the E-Stim Systems Remote has a built in motion sensor.

Plus the E-Stim Systems Python is one that will definitely be a huge seller at 665 Distribution. The Python electro-compression device features 2 gold plated electro contact pads with adjustable compression.

With the soft penis and balls slipped through, the balls then hang down directly into the grip of the adjustable compression system. The Python can squeeze and compress, before adding the sensation of Electroplay.

  • E-Stim Systems Python Product Features:
    Wide 50mm (2″) cock diameter
    Gold plated contact pads
    Heavy Duty 4mm Connectors and fittings
    Suitable for single channel use
    Easy to clean

Plus did I mention the E-Stim Systems Vyper 2 and E-Stim Systems Vyper XL? Designed and manufactured in the UK, the VyperXL features 8 gold plated electro contact pads fitted to four compression panels. Slipped over the erect penis, the VyperXL can squeeze and compress, before adding the sensation of electroplay. 5mm acrylic sheet has been laser cut and then fitted with custom made PCBs, and for durability and good contact, the contact panels are gold plated.

  • E-Stim Systems Vyper XL Product Features
    Wide opening from 1/4 inch to 2 inch diameter
    Gold plated contact pads
    Heavy duty 4mm connectors and stainless steel fittings
    Suitable for single and dual channel use
    Easy to clean

Not to mention the E-Stim Systems Black Collection that 665 Distribution has ready for shipment! The E-Stim Black Collection electrodes are beautifully designed double waist insertables made with aircraft grade materials and a luxurious satin finish. With the electrodes placed at the top and bottom of the unit, the double waisted design allows you to change up the sensation during play. Insert the electrode just to the first sphere and feel the sensation near the opening, or insert all the way to the second sphere and feel that tingle deeper inside.

  • Product Dimensions
    4.13″ Insertable length
    2.2″ Head diameter
  • X-Large
    4.53″ Insertable length
    2.44″ Head diameter

Review the entire lineup of products from E-Stim Systems on the official website of 665 Distribution.

Retailers and independent distributors can contact 665 veteran account representative, Chris Duarte at 1+818-678-9193 | EMAIL | Facebook | Google+ | Instagram | Twitter.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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