ANDERSON COUNTY, KY — (11-04-18) — BJ’s DVD & Lingerie manager opened up about her thoughts on how Anderson County residents concerns over word an adult store chain opening a new location in town. The location would replace the recently sold general market that served the community for decades.

According to ABC36 News, the store was purchased last week by the adult store chain but residents had no idea the store was bought by an adult entertainment business. In fact people were hoping the new owner would help to revitalize the community.

Now, conservatives and religious activists are concerned that the neighborhood is going down the tubes.

Adult store manager Rebecca McKnight of BJ’s DVD & Lingerie – located at 1425 Bypass N in Lawrenceburg, told ABC36, “We’re just another business like anybody else,” “BJ’s DVD & Lingerie has been open for nearly 12 years and the husband and wife who own it keep it clean and respectful.” said McKnight.

McKnight did admit that while they haven’t experienced any protests or vandalism over the last 12 years, she did say that when when the store first opened, they did experience a bit of tension in the community. Mcknight says she sympathizes with the new owners of the general store location that is roughly 20 minutes away from the BJ’s DVD & Lingerie.

A neighbor across the street from the former general store named Morgan, told ABC36 news that the area is zoned for business and that so far everything the new owner has done is legal. Morgan along with several other residents of the area, are simply waiting to see if they will be seeing a large xxx digital board on Bluegrass Parkway.

No word yet as to which adult retail chain has purchased the property but we will continue to information on this story and will bring it to you when new info’ becomes available.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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