SAN DIEGO – (11-03-18) – Murder suspect Shaun Ward in the X-Spot murder that took place in the Midway District last week, pleaded not guilty in San Diego Superior Court last Friday.

The strange thing is, Shaun Ward didn’t answer the judge when asked to enter his plea on the murder charge of 65 year-old Diane Spagnuoloa. The attorney representing the 39 year-old Shaun Ward entered the not guilty plea.

Ward has already begun his drama as he refused to leave his jail cell to appear in court for his arraignment last Thursday. This forced the judge to delay his arraignment until Friday.

Shaun Ward is accused of stabbing 65-year-old Diane Spagnuolo to death at the X-Spot adult store located at 3606 Midway Dr. where she worked as a clerk.

Shaun Ward - Suspect-Murder-X-Spot-adult-store-surveillance-photos-102918

A customer found her body near the front counter around 1:45 p.m. Monday Oct. 29.  Homicide investigators released security camera photos of the suspect and had Ward in custody by 11 p.m. that evening.  Investigators believe that Diane Spagnuolo was stabbed to death during a robbery gone bad.

Daughter of Diane Spagnuolo, Alexis Wylie, 28, and other family, turned up for the Thursday arraignment of Ward. Outside the courtroom, Wylie said authorities notified her of her mother’s death around 1 a.m. Tuesday.

JRLCHARTS_Diane_Spagnuolo_Murdered-102918She described the shocking notification as “surreal,” with relief that “someone can be held accountable for this.” Wylie added that she and her family members made sure to show up in court to show that man that we are not afraid of him. “Her jobs were her life,” said Wylie.

Diane Spagnuolo had worked at the X-Spot adult store for 24 years and held a job with the Salvation Army, as a textiles processor and sales clerk for 16 years until 2012.

Then, according to Wylie, her mother left that job and became an assistant manager of the El Cajon mobile home park where she was living at the time of her death.

“She was a very kind person.” said Wylie. “She was always thinking of others and she always wanted to have a good time and make sure others were having a good time as well,” said Wylie.

Wylie added that Spagnuolo was considerate and generous. An employee of a neighboring business said on Monday that Diane Spagnuolo tried to help homeless people in the area when she could. “Whenever she could, she gave,” added Wylie.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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