DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA — (10-31-18) — Starting Nov. 4, Gov. Paul Makonda of Tanzania’s economic capital, Dar es Salaam, will begin promoting his new antigay policy. The governor wants citizens to call authorities and report ‘homosexual behavior’.

This new antigay policy will now have the city’s LGBTQ community in fear of being reported and arrested on criminal charges, says Agence France-Presse.

“I have information about the presence of many homosexuals in our province,” Gov. Paul Makonda during an imprompted press conference. “These homosexuals boast on social networks.” He called for citizens to provide the names of these people, saying, “My ad hoc team will begin to get their hands on them next Monday.” said Makonda.

Gov. Makonda is using his anti-gay ideology with a out dated law from the days when Tanzania was a British colony. “Any sexual acts between men carry a maximum sentence of life in prison.”

Makonda even boasted about his anti-gay stance by saying…”I prefer to anger those countries than to anger God,” said Makonda. “tramples on the moral values of Tanzanians and our two Christian and Muslim religions.

Tanzania has a track record of anti-gay propaganda but it has increased ever since antigay politician John Magufuli won the presidential election in 2015. Just to show you how anti-gay president John Magufuli is, he once said that “Even cows condemn gay sex.”

Over the past 3 years, Tanzania has expelled three South Africans for allegedly promoting laws to allow for same-sex marriage. Not only that but a large number of AIDS clinics have been closed leaving many Tanzanians without proper medical facilities to acquire treatment.

Article by: Paul Goldberg,  Staff Writer

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