SANTA CLARITA, CA — (10-29-18) — SHOTS Toys has confirmed the additions to its popular ‘Loveline’ collection with the ‘Jiggle’ and ‘Lovebug’. As in the true tradition of SHOTS toys, the Jiggle and Lovebug are rechargeable, waterproof and phthalate-free.

According to SHOTS sales & publicity division, the ‘Jiggle’ clitoral vibrator and ‘Lovebug clitoral vibrator, are two newcomers to the brand. This fantastic duo also doubles up as massage wands and are perfect for full body stimulation and/or relaxing massages.

These new additions to the family are made from high-grade silicone, just like the previous release. This material is perfectly hygienic and is easy-to-clean with our recommended (Shots) toy-cleaner. These products are also body-safe ensuring the user a secure experience.

The Jiggle and the Lovebug are equipped with powerful F1 New Generation motors. These robust motors create a feeling of high intensity for the user with strong but also very pleasant vibrations. Both models come with 10 different speed modes so there is always an extensive choice to find the perfect setting.

Seductive soft colors are in subtle shades that blend nicely with skin tones. Which of course adds a fine and delicate combination to the Loveline collection. These lovely pastel colors ensure a calm, sweet and reliable presence in the Loveline assortment, which will undoubtedly promote sales.

Loveline is delighted with the result of the new addition of these new products and as always, they are a feast for the eyes.

Retailers throughout the EU can get immediate ordering information on the Loveline New Additions by contacting SHOTS corporate offices:

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Article by: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

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