LAS VEGAS, NV — (10-18-18) — Dominic Pacifico, the multi-talented director/performer/gay adult star has unleashed ‘Repent’, a bold new gay erotica project.  Titled Repent, it’s a Gothic story about young priests in an 18th-century monastery possessed by forbidden sexual desires. Shot in a rich, glowing palette and fog-infused light that evokes classical paintings, Repent offers up ten scenes of fetish and edgy sex between men who can no longer repress their attractions.

The sexy monks are portrayed by an all-star cast that includes Pacifico himself as a vector of dark smoldering sin, Casey Everett is an angelic priest who strays to the dark side, and Joseph Banks and Brodie Ramirez as incestuous brothers. Recent arrival Nic Sahara and veteran performer Fx Rios are also in the cast.

Repent Episode 1 - Fx Rios and Joseph Banks - Dominic Pacifico-nsfw-1


Set in and around a Gothic-style chapel lit with dozens of candles, Repent shows director Dominic Pacifico aiming to deliver a visual tour de force. Ten erotic scenes run the gamut from raw sex and bondage to playful seduction with touches of humor.

After the first episode premiered on October 12 on the all-new Dominic Pacifico Gay Porn Network, Pacifico announced that subsequent episodes will appear weekly with a full DVD release coming soon to retail.

The rollout represents Dominic’s first major project since his relaunched website hit the internet in September, turbocharged by the technical and marketing expertise of new partner WebMediaProz/Zbuckz. Leaving marketing and web design to the experts at Zbuckz has allowed Dominic to focus on creativity, content and the artistic output of his studio.

Dominic Pacifico said….”It was exhausting work taking on a big project like Repent, but it’s fantastic how far it exceeded all our expectations. I can’t wait till everyone gets a chance to see the finished product. It’s major.” said Pacifico.


In this reporter’s opinion, this is by far Dominic Pacifico’s finest work!  We are sure to see ‘REPENT” debut huge on the JRL Top 50 Chart during holiday season.

“Friar Xavier (Fx Rios) and Brother Diego (Joseph Banks) are whispering about temptation at their morning prayers when Xavier uses some sexual language while Diego confesses he is a virgin and knows nothing about men and sex. They take their discussion to a game of billiards, where their attraction to each other becomes undeniable, and Xavier makes good on his promise to take the devil “by the horns and fuck him into submission.”

The experienced priest shows the virginal monk the ways of men and sex by being the first to plow his giant cock into the young man’s tight but willing ass. Judging by the size of Diego’s own God-given endowment and the new sensations he awoke within it, he’ll be eager to share his newfound carnal knowledge with the other monks.”


Cast: Fx Rios | Joseph Banks

genres: Big Dicks | Blowjobs | Uniforms | Gothic | Power Bottoms | Tattoos

Directed by: Dominic Pacifico

Dominic Pacifico: Official Website

Directed by: Dominic Pacifico

Production co: Dominic Pacifico Productions

Distributed by: PornTeam Distribution

Country: USA

Language: English

Release Date: October 12, 2018

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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