SAN FRANCISCO, CA — (10-18-18) — Gay adult network Next Door Studios has announced that members will now have Ultra HD 4K as an option to stream and download gay erotica scenes.

“As mainstream video production has moved towards higher standards, it’s only natural that adult content does the same,” said Next Door Studios director Rocco Fallon. “4K is the ultimate viewing experience. Each scene is significantly more detailed, and the footage stays sharp regardless of the size of your computer monitor or TV screen.” said Fallon.

“I’m a giant tech nerd for this kind of thing,” added Fallon. “but what viewers really need to know is that 4K video means four times the pixels. This is the highest possible quality viewing experience our members can expect. It’s almost like being in the room with the models.” concluded Fallon.

Next Door Studios fans can review the new addition of the Ultra HD 4K software exclusively on the Next Door Studios Gay Porn Network.

Article by: William Lopez, Staff Writer

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