NEW YORK, NY — (10-17-18) — New York rapper 6ix9ine may have rainbow hair, a rainbow grill and the number “69” tattooed all over his body, but all that made little difference when he stopped by Romantic Depot.  6ix9ine hung out and reviewed some of their pleasure products, as can be seen on the store’s Instagram pages.

In keeping with customer privacy, the adult store’s not saying what he bought, but considering their selection, it had to be something good.

Romantic Depot has stores throughout the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut area including Manhattan, Bronx, Yonkers, Elmsford, Rockland County, Paramus, and Lodi in New Jersey, and is slated to open a new lingerie superstore in Queens in November.

Romantic Depot first gained media attention after working with Cardi B, so could 6ix9ine’s visit be the beginning of their latest collaboration?

Romantic Depot is the largest chain of sex shops in the tri-state area, and has grown exponentially since 2015.

Article by: William Lopez, Staff Writer

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