SAN DIEGO, CA – (10-08-18) — After weeks of teasing and hype on social media, Hankey’s Toys the jaw dropping Topher Michels Pleasure Devices collection.

Upon reviewing the Topher Michels Pleasure Devices you will be immediately mesmerized with the quality and detail put into the ‘MUST STOCK’ range from Hankey’s Toys.

The award winning manufacturer’s R&D spokesperson added…”All toys are made from 100% pure platinum silicone and available in two firmness levels and three colors. Optional firmness levels and colors are available upon request.  Our proprietary life casting method is able to capture the smallest details, as small as a single pore. We are then able to resize the life casting up to four-times the original size while retaining 100% of the original detail.”

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Specifications on the Topher Michels Pleasure Devices:

Topher Michels – Original
Circumference near head (rim): 5.83″
Circumference at center: 5.60″
Circumference near base: 6.00″
Overall length: 6.40″
Insertable length: 4.90″
Texture: Smooth/Realistic with veins
Strapon Ring Size: NA”

Topher Michels – Medium
Circumference near head (rim): 6.75″
Circumference at center: 7.75″
Circumference near base: 8.50″
Overall length: 8.50″
Insertable length: 6.75″
Texture: Smooth/Realistic with veins
Strapon Ring Size: 2.50″

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Topher Michel – LG/XL
Circumference near head (rim): 8.50″
Circumference at center: 9.75″
Circumference near base: 11.25″
Overall length: 10.75″
Insertable length: 8.60″
Texture: Smooth/Realistic with veins
Strapon Ring Size: 3.00″

Topher Michals – XXXL
Circumference near head (rim): 10.50″
Circumference at center: 12.00″
Circumference near base: 13.70″
Overall length: 13.00″
Insertable length: 10.25″
Texture: Smooth/Realistic with veins
Strapon Ring Size: NA

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Retailers, the Topher Michels collection follows the eye dropping line of pleasure devices molded after gay adult film star Nick Capra.

Newly awarded with the Urban X Awards for ‘Most Inventive Novelty’, Hankey’s Toys is just getting started for Fall Season 2018-19 for both adult stores worldwide but for also the LGBTQ marketplace. Talk about the perfect collections for holiday gifts this year!

Plus make sure to follow gay adult film star Topher Michels on Twitter

Retailers can get wholesale information on both the Topher Michels and Nick Capra collections by Hankey’s Toys via EMAIL | Instagram | Reddit | Tumblr | Twitter | YouTube.

Article by: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

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