SAN FRANCISCO, CA (09-21-18) – Bounty Hunter is the fresh new Raging Stallion film from director Steve Cruz. The big budget gay erotica feature delivers all-natural men in bareback action.

Award-winning model and director Steve Cruz, leads wanted fugitives and their seekers on a wild ride of raw pleasure. The ‘MUST STOCK’ Bounty Hunters gay porn film is now available on DVD and digital download on Falcon Studios Group online superstore. According to Raging Stallion’s publicity spokesperson, Bounty Hunters Scene One, will go live on the Raging Stallion gay porn network on September 27.

The high-energy film stars Raging Stallion Exclusive Jay Landford, with fan favorites Riley Mitchel, Jay Austin, Lorenzo Flexx, Johnny Ryder, Kurtis Wolfe, Alex Mecum and Eddy Ceetee.

Bounty Hunter nsfw-Raging Stallion

Bounty_Hunter_nsfw-Raging Stallion

“Muscle-bound studs hunt dangerous fugitives and discover the only way to release the stress of the chase is through hot, raw sessions with their partners and the tatted-up criminals they’re trying to bring down! When dangerous drug runner Riley Mitchell ends up in a jail cell with wide-eyed innocent Jay Austin, the result is a raw flip-fuck that leaves eager young Jay’s beard and hole covered in cum. Hot on Riley’s tail after his escape from jail, bounty hunters Jay Landford and Lorenzo Flexx decide that downtime means going down on your partner. Lorenzo gobbles Jay’s god-like cock and Jay lays claim to Lorenzo’s hole with champion ass-eating and a long, hard, condom-free fuck. On the run through open desert, Riley Alexander and his pal Johnny Ryder steal a getaway van from studly Kurtis Wolfe. A gag made of duct tape doesn’t put an end to Kurtis’s desperate pleas, so Johnny replaces it with his gargantuan cock and discovers his pretty boy captive’s a hungry and eager cocksucker. After arriving at their secret hideout, Riley’s furious that Kurtis is still whining. He’s getting ready to give their captive a not-so-happy ending when Kurtis reminds them Johnny still hasn’t had a chance to fuck his ass. During their hot three way, each man takes a hard cock deep and raw. Riley narrowly escapes a shootout with bounty hunters Lorenzo and Jay, arriving home just in time to hide from two more bounty hunters, Eddy Ceetee and Alex Mecum. Convinced they’ve missed Riley by seconds, the Hollywood-handsome Eddy and Alex decide to wait for their target by barebacking each other with such unbridled passion Riley can’t help but stroke himself as he watches from his hiding place. When the bounty hunters discover Riley, they’re so horned up they decide to honor Riley’s request to plow him bareback before turning him over to the authorities. As these ‘Bounty Hunters’ prove, there might be more than one way to get your man, but the best way is always hard and raw.”

“I assembled the hottest studs I could find to star in Raging Stallion’s first theatrical bareback release.” said Steve Cruz. “I’m so proud of my cast and crew. The lighting is on point, locations are exciting and the sex is off the charts! It all came together in a beautiful way – and so did the men!” said Cruz.

The Bounty Hunters film is one of the hottest and most thrilling movies Raging Stallion has released to date,” added Falcon Studios Group President, Tim Valenti. “Steve Cruz and his perfect selection of all-natural muscle-hunks delivered intensity in this second bareback release from Raging Stallion. They just blew it out of the water!” said Valenti.

Bounty Hunter nsfw Movie Trailer

Cast: Jay Landford | Riley Mitchel | Jay Austin | Lorenzo Flexx | See Full Cast

genres: Bareback | Big Dicks | Black Men | Blowjobs | Interracial | Power Bottoms

Raging Stallion: Official Site

Bounty Hunter DVD 2018Directed by: Steve Cruz

Produced by: Tim Valenti

Production co: Raging Stallion Studios

Distributed by: Falcon Studios Group FSG (USA)

Country: USA

Language: English

Run time: 2 Hours 18 Minutes

Ship Date: September 21, 2018

Street Date: September 28, 2018

For wholesale orders, contact John Gunderson at Falcon Studios Group at 1+415-864-2797 | EMAIL.

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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