A teenager identified as Yusuf Erkocoglu, was arrested by German police for allegedly plotting to blow up a gay nightclub and a Catholic church in Frankfurt.

According to authorities, the 17 year-old was arrested on September 1 by police in the state of Hesse. For some reason, prosecutors withheld the story from International media outlets until this past Thursday.

Frankfurt prosecutors’ spokesman Sinan Akdogan told the Associated Press (AP) that the teenager was suspected of planning a major act of violence against a gay nightclub and a religious institution. According to sources, the teenager was motivated to carry out the attack by an extreme form of Islam. In other words, insecure people who use religion as an excuse to spew their hate and self insecurities.

According to the AP, U.S. intelligence services provided police with information that led to the teenager’s arrest.

According to a German intelligence service source, the 17 year-old Yusuf Erkocoglu was determined to carry out the attack.  Police further say that they found small amounts of chemicals in the suspect’s home. Akdogan also told the AP that Yusuf Erkocoglu was attempting to purchase more chemicals which raised a red flag. They also said taht they found instructions on bomb-making at the teenager’s home.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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