NEW YORK CITY – CockyBoys Entertainment has just unleashed their latest gay erotica production starring Justin Matthews and Troy Accola. The gay erotica hardcore action packed scene is loaded with passionate lust that is sure to capture the attention of CockyBoys fans worldwide.

Released on the official CockyBoys gay network, Justin Matthews and Troy Accola deliver a performance worthy of ‘Best Couple’ and ‘Best Sex’ categories! Not to mention their stunning bodies and skills at deep throat action and cock teasing. Did I mention the jaw dropping fucking that these two bring? YUM!

Directed by multi-award winning director Jake Jaxson, CockyBoys has once again unleashed a guaranteed hit for gay porn fans every where.

Justin Matthews, Troy Accola nsfw

“At a CockyBoys summer party where everyone stands out, Troy Accola and Justin Matthews zero in on each other. Fortunately, some familiar-faced matchmakers help Troy & Justin get some alone time for a hot hook-up. Troy is already inside stroking his cock when Justin arrives and gets invited in. With hormones racing a welcoming kiss quickly turns to Justin sucking Troy’s steel hard cock and licking his big, cum-filled balls. Justin bends Troy over the chair and cock teases his hole until Justin lets him know just how much he wants to be fucked.

Justin steadily deep-ducks Troy almost non-stop the way Troy begged until they’re both nearly in a state of blissful sexual pleasure. But, they take a break from fucking so Justin can enjoy Troy’s cocksucking. As Troy lies back Justin feeds him his cock and quickly gets sucked deep into his throat. As he starts face-fucking Troy, Justin leans forward to 69 with him but soon he wants his ass again. Turning him over with his ass raised up high Justin plunges in all the way.

Troy & Justin are so in sync they get into a groove once again but change it up one more time for a more intimate climax. Troy flips over on his back and Justin grinds in, works up a what and kisses him all over. Taking full control, Justin fucks Troy faster while his hand pumps Troy’s cock until he cums and he’s milked out his entire load. Justin pulls out right away and works himself up to a huge load that he squirts over Troy’s torso. They’ve both been waiting a long time for this one!”

Justin Matthews, Troy Accola Gay Porn Trailer

Cast: Troy Accola | Justin Matthews

genres: Big Dicks | Blowjobs | Deep Throat | Muscles | Power Bottoms

CockyBoys: Official Site

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Directed by: Jake Jaxson

Production co: CockyBoys Entertainment

Distributed by: Media Partners LLC

Country: USA

Language: English

Release date: September 12, 2018

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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