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Today’s Topic: Anal Play using Cloud 9’s New GEMs Anal Plugs Line

Hi, I’m Kylie, and today’s topic is all about Anal Play as well as an introduction to Cloud 9 Novelties Anal Plug GEMs, the newest edition to the Cloud 9 family of products.

You and your partner may be curious about trying out anal play for the first time, as a new erotic exploration, or maybe to add a little spice into the relationship. Or, perhaps, it has been a secret fantasy that you have had for sometime, but you have been hesitant to bring it up.

The good news is, you are not alone!

Anal Play is the New Normal

While anal play used to be quite taboo, recent studies between 2015-2017 show that at least 40% of the population has tried it as least once, and it has become more popular between heterosexual couples under the age of 45, with at least 44% of straight men and 36% of straight women engaging in the act. In the most recent study by Skyn Condoms, at least 15% of men are engaging in male anal sex in which they are on the receiving side.[1]

Anal play using butt plugs, anal plugs, anal toys, jewel butt plugs, anal vibrators is a normal, fun and pleasurable sexual activity for couples, whether they are heterosexual or GBLTQ identified.

How to Introduce Anal Play into Your Relationship Using Anal Toys

For couples, talking to your partner about anal play for the first time can be intimidating and rather uncomfortable. This guide provides tips for broaching the subject and how to add anal toys to your relationship

Long before couple’s first engage in Anal Play they should talk about it first. Anal Play is not something you want to surprise your partner with in the middle of a heated encounter by handing them a vibrating butt plug. Rather, it should be discussed out of the bedroom first to avoid placing pressure on either partner and novice enthusiasm that can lead to clumsy or painful mistakes.

Good communication about your sexual preferences results in higher relationship satisfaction and better sex. Discussing new ways to keep things spicy, including adding anal toys to your sex life, also prevents bedroom boredom or a lack of desire and low libido. For those reasons, healthy communication about sex between partners is important and it is also beneficial to talk about new activities before diving right in.

Why Would Couples Want to Explore Anal Play Together Using Anal Toys?

Both the exterior of the anus, and the interior of the rectum, have thousands of sensitive nerve tissues that can make anal play quite erotic and pleasurable when performed correctly and safely, and with the right anal toy. For women, anal play can be an add-on to other types of sexual pleasure including oral sex and vaginal penetration. Anal play can also be enjoyed by women for the pure pleasure of it for its own sake. For men, the prostate gland, or male G-spot is located inside of the anus and when massaged with a finger, anal toys, butt plugs or via anal intercourse, can lead to intense, full-bodied orgasms.

Exploring Anal Play Together

If you both decide, that “Yes!”, you would like to experiment with anal toys together, then it is an ideal time to brush up on your sex education and find out what types of anal toys you may like to explore. A great way to begin is to go shopping together for sex toys, either online or in-store.

How to Choose Anal Plugs for a Beginner

anal butt plug

Anal Plugs are great anal toys for beginners because once they are inserted they stay in place to allow users to get used to the sensation of anal penetration. In addition, Anal Plugs can be used hands-free, can be combined with other types of pleasure including vaginal penetration to enhance the overall experience, and they can heighten sexual pleasure by applying pressure to other erogenous zones as they create the feeling of “fullness”.

Anal Plugs come in a variety of styles, designs, sizes and materials, so it is important to consider these options before making a purchasing decision, so you can choose the right anal plug for you.

Size Matters

For beginners, it is a good idea to start off with the smallest size Anal Plug to enable you or your partner to get comfortable with the feeling of having something inserted in their rectum. Cloud 9 Jeweled Butt Plugs GEMs come in three different sizes depending on your level of experience and ability. The small anal plug is for beginners, the medium anal plug is for intermediate users, and the large anal plug is for advanced users. Cloud 9 also offers the GEMs Jeweled Silicone Anal Plug Training Kit which allows users to gradually increase size size of the anal plug with their level of experience over time so is perfect for beginners and those wanting to start anal training with butt plugs.

Shape and Design of Butt Plug

One of the most important considerations when it comes to purchasing a butt plug is the shape and design of the toy.

A well-designed butt plug should feature a smooth narrowed tip, so it is easy to insert and allows the user’s muscle to slowly relax around the anal toy so it can gradually ease it inside. A wide, flared anchored base that is intended to stay firmly in place is also important as it keeps the butt plug from being inserted too far and allows for easy retrieval. The body of the butt plug should have a conical shape that widens into a thicker bulb with a narrow neck at the bottom before the flared base, to increase stimulation of contractions and expansions during orgasm. Butt Plugs with a longer neck are also more comfortable to wear and help keep the toy in place for longer periods of use, as the anal sphincter naturally tightens around it. Once inserted, butt plugs are made to stay in place as the anal muscles grip the neck, creating a sensation of fullness without the back-and-forth motion.

All of Cloud 9’s Jeweled Butt Plugs, including the GEM series, are designed with a tapered tip for easy insertion, feature a flared base that anchors to keep the butt plug in place, and have a longer neck for better comfort. The silicone designs also feature a flexible tip, so users can wear their butt plug for an entire day with maximum enjoyment.

Type of Material

A softer material such as silicone is desirable when starting out as it is less intrusive and offers a more supple, pliable butt plug that conforms better to the user’s body.

Cloud 9 Jeweled Butt Plugs GEMs come in two types of materials: high quality silicone and chrome plated stainless steel. The soft, wearable silicone butt plug is velvety smooth and perfect for beginners who want to try using butt plugs for the first time. The silicone butt plugs also feature a flexible tip so the user can wear the butt plug for entire day, if they so choose. The stainless-steel design is ultra smooth for slick anal insertion and is also a great material for beginners as its firm design offers greater sensation.


Are They Body-Safe?

Another chief factor to think about is whether the anal toy you choose is body-safe. Cloud 9 Jeweled Anal Plugs GEMs are hypoallergenic, nonporous, odorless, Phthalate-free, 100% body safe, and can be sterilized for safe use and hygienic anal play.

Can They Be Sterilized?

anal plugs


When purchasing anal toys, it is essential to take into account whether the toy can be sterilized and disinfected for safe anal play. The anus harbors bacteria that should never be cross-contaminated with vaginal play as it could disrupt the fragile flora inside the vagina and cause yeast infections or worse. For that reason, anal toys should always be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized before and after use, especially if you plan to share your anal toys with your partner. STIs and HIV can be passed on during anal play if anal toys are not properly disinfected and sterilized first.

Both GEMs silicone and stainless steel jewel butt plugs can be cleaned with warm water and a mild soap. The Silicone GEM jewel butt plugs can be added to the top rack of your dishwater or boiled in hot water for 10 minutes to disinfect. Note: In the silicone jewel butt plugs, gems should be removed from tips before boiling or dishwater clean up. For quick clean-up, use Cloud 9 Triclosan-Free Premium Toy Cleaner to gently clean surface bacteria and disinfect your anal toys. This premium toy cleaner is water soluble, safe on all types of materials, mild enough for everyday use, as well as eco-friendly and Triclosan-free.

Allow your jewel butt plugs to thoroughly dry then store separately in a cool, dry place. Don’t allow toys with soft materials to be stored together, as they may melt due to a chemical reaction in the silicone or rubber.


From Novice to Pro:

Rome wasn’t built in a day, they say, and in order to become a Pro at Anal Play, you need to start at the beginning, go slow, and build your way up. Anal plugs are ideal for beginners, as you can use them for anal training to prepare the anus to slowly get accustomed to stretching around larger objects with time and to prepare one for anal sex. That means starting with the smallest Anal Plug, or even a small vibrating butt plug, allowing yourself to get used to it for longer periods of time, and slowly working yourself up to bigger sizes.

anal training kit


Cloud 9 offers the GEMs Silicone Jeweled Anal Plug Training Kit which allows users to gradually increase size with their level of experience over time. This kit is perfect for beginners and those wanting to start anal training, featuring 3 different sizes of jeweled butt plugs, so they can gradually increase the size slowly, and eventually transition from Novice to Pro.

The GEMs Silicone Jeweled Anal Plug Training Kit is also ideal for users who want to implement anal training to prepare for anal intercourse and expand their pleasure horizons. In addition, the silicone anal plugs feature flexible tips for a user that would like to wear the anal plug for entire day. For long-term wear make sure you also build up to this as well, by starting with wearing your jewel anal plug 30 minutes at a time and increasing by 30 minutes each day if all goes well. Continue increasing the amount of time that you wear the jewel anal plug by gradual increments daily. Be sure to listen to your body, and only wear for as long as comfortable. If you feel any pain or discomfort, then it is time to remove the anal plug until another day. Remember, you can’t go too slow with anal play and training.

Temperature Play:

Another bonus with Cloud 9 Novelties Jeweled Butt Plug GEMS is that they can be used for temperature play. Temperature play is a type of sensation play that employs the use of hot and cold substances or items on the body for sensual pleasure.

Both GEMs Silicone Butt Plugs and Chromed Anal Plugs can be used for sensation play by warming or cooling the butt plugs in hot or cold water. You can also immerse your anal plug in a bowl of ice for a few minutes to enhance a sensual chill or wrap your anal plug in a hot towel that has been heated in the microwave previously for a sultry sensation (Warning: Don’t place the anal plugs in the microwave, just the towels!).

Both silicone and stainless steel are excellent conductors of hot and cold, so perfect for temperature play. Metal anal toys will conduct temperature better than silicone and hold it longer, so will provide even more sensation. Be careful however, as these hot and cool sensations will be amplified when inserted into the anus. Be sure to test heated or cooled anal toys on the inside of the wrist first before insertion.

Introducing Cloud 9 Novelties GEMS Jeweled Butt Plugs

Flash a bit of booty bling in the bedroom!

Cloud 9 is pleased to present the new Anal GEMs Jeweled Butt Plugs line of products, the latest addition to the Cloud 9 family of products.

GEMs anal plugs

The new GEM product line offers 3 New Lines of GEM Anal Plugs in Chrome, Gold and Black Silicone.

The Silicone Line includes 1 anal training kit featuring all three Black Silicone Gem Anal Plugs in small, medium, and large.

Our Chrome GEM Anal plugs come in 2 styles: a tall butt plug for additional stimulation and a tapered style butt plug for easy insertion, both in 3 sizes.


Buy Now:
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tall anal plugCloud 9’s Jeweled Anal Plug feature anal jewelry decorated with a stunning rainbow multi-color gem. Silver chromed wearable butt plug featuring a jeweled beauty for your booty. Available in 3 Sizes: Small for Beginners, Medium for Intermediate Users, and Large for Advanced Users.

Cloud 9 Jeweled Anal Plug GEMs features a delicate tapered tip. Perfect for beginner use. Hypoallergenic, nonporous, odorless, and body-safe. The tapered tip makes it easy to insert, and the flared base keeps its place and allows for easy retrieval.

The sparkling jewel butt plug makes playtime fun. This Cloud 9 Jeweled Anal Plug is excellent for temperature play when you prepare it in hot or cold water. This Cloud 9 GEM jeweled anal plug is both visually stunning and ideal for stimulating anal play. Compatible with both silicone and water-based lubricants. Clean with mild soap and warm water after use.

  • Hypoallergenic, nonporous, odorless, and body-safe.
  • Tapered for Intense Pleasure Great for beginners
  • Smooth, solid stainless steel in design, jewel anal plug adornment
  • Chrome plated steel plug & Acrylic GEM
  • Great for temperature play
  • Anal Jewelry decorated with a stunning rainbow multicolor gem.



I hope you enjoyed our Guide to Anal Play for Couples. You can check out the new GEMs Anal Line by Cloud 9 Novelties HERE!  Take advantage of our special deal and

Spend $49+ Receive 4 FREE Gifts & FREE  Shipping

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Until next time, this is Sex Ed with Kylie Jensen.

At Cloud 9 Novelties, we’re all about couples having the most fun at the best price. Only the best quality, body safe products are included in this fresh, new lineup of adult toys that are designed for pleasure. We bring value to adult novelties with over 40 years of experience.

Everything about Cloud 9 Novelties encourages couples to have the confidence to explore and express their sexual desires. These adult toys are offered in colors and sizes that are inviting to both your male and female customers. Cloud 9 Novelties includes value-priced adult toys including, dongs, couple’s kits, butt plugs, pleasure ticklers and more.


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