LOS ANGELES — B Swish, one of the leading pleasure products manufacturers in the busy today, unveils a new brand identity and product packaging.  The new packaging and brand identity are scheduled to roll out in adult stores over the course of 2018-2019 Fall Season.

Founded in 2007, B Swish designs chic, body-safe personal massagers, are structured around a three-tiered product lineup.  The fabulous  Fun and Flirty Classic Line,  the sophisticated Deluxe Line and the indulgent Premium Line.  The new B Swish identity retains the three-tiered system, but has a more contemporary feel.

“This redesign has been a labor of love,” said B Swish Product Manager Kyle. “Our goal was to create a more inviting and 
accepting persona that’s free of stigma and stereotypes. We hope our new identity speaks to all walks of life, whether straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or anywhere in between.” said Kyle.

At the core of the new identity are bold colors and gender-neutral visuals that emphasize B Swish’s inclusive ethos.  Difference being in the details with more distinct visual characteristics defining the B Swish Classic, B Swish Deluxe and B Swish Premium.

In addition to the new outward appearance, the packaging also offers more display versatility along with an improved and seamless unboxing experience. Simply slide off the sleeve to give customers a peek at the product inside or use the built-in ribbon hang- tag for effortless peg display. Every box includes a new product information guide and a storage pouch.

Plus, the new identity and packaging of B Swish will also be on display in Booth 45 at this year’s EroFame, taking place October 3-5.

Retailers can learn more about the new packaging and new identity by visiting the B Swish B2B Site or EMAIL.

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