Once again Congresswoman Susan Davis (D-California), was victorious in a lawsuit brought against her by anti-gay lobbyist Chris Savier over displaying the LGBTQ Pride Flag in front of her congressional office.  The lawsuit was originally tossed out back in march but Savier filed an appeal.

Chris Savier has been on a crusade to target pro-LGBT representatives by accusing them of violating the separation of church and state by hanging the LGBT Pride flag in front of their office doors. Well once again, the lawsuit was tossed out on appeal.

Congresswoman Susan Davis said in a prepared statement….”The lower court recognized the lack of merit to this lawsuit and I was always confident that the appellate courts would see it the same way. Marriage equality is the law of the land and should always remain that way. The final dismissal of this lawsuit is a victory for freedom and equality.” said Davis.

The well known anti-gay lobbyist Chris Sevier has been targeting not only Susan Davis (D-California) but also Donald Beyer (D-Virginia), Alan Lowenthal (D-California) and Earl Blumenauer (D-Ohio).

Homophobe Chris Sevier has made no secret about his feelings about homosexuality as he spews the nonsense that being gay is a religion and LGBT flags being on display in congressional offices violate the Constitution.

When the case was originally tossed out back in March, Sevier announced that he would appeal. When the obnoxious antigay insecure individual whom you will remember – pulled the publicity stunt of marrying his laptop to make a statement about same-sex marriage,  failed to show up for his appeal, a judge dismissed the case.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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