Milo Yiannopoulos, controversial gay conservative, has been uninvited from the Politicon Convention taking place in October in Los Angeles. Organizers of the Politicon event said that the controversial speaker Milo Yianopoulus was not removed due to a scheduling conflict. He was formally uninvited due to the backlash from social media attendees who are scheduled to attend.

“Milo is no longer booked for Politicon,” said a spokesperson at Politicon.. “We’ve had a couple of changes and with two months to go to the convention, more names will be added and dropped. Anthony Scaramucci is also not attending due to a scheduling conflict. We have some more names soon to be confirmed and announced so we’ll make sure to let you know.”

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Once attendees found that Milo Yiannopoulus was scheduled to appear at Politicon, the backlash went viral on social media demanding that Politicon drop the gay conservative commentator from their upcoming October event. Social media labeled the controversial gay conservative as a white supremacist.

After receiving confirmation that he was no longer invited to the convention, Milo Yiannopoulos told ‘TheWrap‘….“To others, who care only about reputation and avoiding humiliation, I guess this would be a blow. Personally, I couldn’t give a shit,” said Yiannopoulos in a statement to TheWrap. “I subject myself to this continuous hell because unlike the needy, vacuous, desperate grifters of conservative media, I actually care about my fans and the stuff I talk about. And no amount of cancellations from now until the end of time will ever deter me from trying. Next!” said Yiannopoulos.

One has to wonder why another controversial conservative such as Ann Coulter who has made her career off of hate, division and racism is still scheduled to attend the event.  If Politicon is going to be consistent in not having people who represent nothing but hate then Ann Coulter should have been uninvited as well. Some will say that Milo Yiannopoulos being a gay conservative was the main reason for him being dropped but if that is the case, why is it that another fire brand known as Ann Coulter, is still on schedule for the Politicon convention.

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Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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