Gay pop artist ‘AB Soto’ drops a fierce beat with his new gay music video ‘No More 2 Say’ directed by Jimmy V. Page. Soto uploaded the “Must Watch” gay music video to his YouTube channel on August 9, 2018 and already is capturing major positive heat.

‘No More 2 Say’ is the latest single off of the Visibility Part 1 album. In fact the new track has already caught the attention of the Gay Music Chart as they teased a clip from the ‘No More 2 Say’ gay music video on their 2018 week 33 chart.

The ‘No More 2 Say’ theme features AB Soto in his eye catching yellow jumpsuit embedded with the tag of ‘Resist’. The hook is definitely catchy as AB Soto describes his relationship problems and did I mention his solo dance moves?

“Music and dance have always made me feel safe.” posted Soto on his YouTube Channel. “Growing up I would sing and dance in the privacy of my own bedroom to process difficult emotions. I’m sure other dancers can relate. Music will always be my true love. I wanted to capture the essence of that intimacy with this video. I wanted this video to be as raw and honest as possible. My one rule for this was that it needed to be filmed in one-take. Hope you like it.” said Soto.

AB Soto is known as a gay musician and artist whose function complicates the limitations of fashion, functionality and identification. Having developed being a Latin guy in East Los Angeles, Soto’s music is normally heavily up to date by both his ties to Mexican lifestyle and his history in dance and style design.

Cast: AB Soto

genres: Pop Music | Dance

AB Soto Official Site

Directed by: Jimmy V Page

Production co: AB Soto Music

Distributed by: iTunes | Spotify

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Release date: August 9, 2018

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

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