The ‘White House’  has instructed the ‘Department of Labor’ to allow Federal Contractors LGBTQ Related Discrimination in a memo signed by acting director of the ‘Department of Labor’ , Craig E. Leen last Friday. Not only does the memo green light Federal Contractors to use their religious beliefs but has instructed Department of Labor employees to push it.

The leaked memo obtained by JRL CHARTS, was issued last Friday August 10, and its mission is to destroy President Barack Obama’s 2014 executive order stipulating that any business both profit and nonprofit doing business with the federal government must avoid discrimination against employees on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. Once again the Trump administration is attempting to erase the progress that the LGBTQ community managed to gain under former President Barack Obama with their new ‘Religious Task Force’ launched by attorney general Jeff Sessions’ Justin Department.

Under the guidance of both the  ‘White House’ and Justice Department, the anti-LGBTQ memo signed by Craig E. Leen, orders personnel in the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs to take into account the recent “Masterpiece Cakeshop Ltd et al v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission et al” ruling by the US Supreme Court when enforcing the executive order.

In the SCOTUS ruling, the court found in favor of a Colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple who were planning their wedding. The court said the Colorado Civil Rights Commission had shown insufficient respect for the baker’s religious beliefs and found that baker did not violate the state’s anti-discrimination law. The court in their usual double talk, also said that it is important to protect rights of LGBTQ people – just not in this case.

Signed by former president Barack Obama in 2014, EO 11246 prohibited anti-LGBT discrimination among companies that do $10,000 a year or more in business with the U.S. government in addition and barrs discrimination against federal workers who are transgender.

The ‘White House’ and Department of Labor directive emphasizes the need to protect an employer’s religious beliefs ahead of LGBTQ rights.

Lambda Legal director Sharon McGowan said her organization had “serious cause for concern” because they knew this was coming. The OFFCP will interpret the mandate with broad view and allow for exemptions to discriminate under the executive order. “Apparently, this Administration believes – correctly – that rescinding the EO outright would cause a huge public and politically damaging outcry,” said McGowan. “So instead, they are trying to accomplish the same end through different means.” said McGowan.

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The National Center for Transgender Equality released a statement against the latest move by the Trump administration to reverse LGBTQ protections:”

“This is an attempt to encourage businesses to take taxpayer dollars and then fire people for being transgender,” said Harper Jean Tobin, NCTE director of policy, in the press release. “Religious organizations have ample protections under federal law, but they are not allowed to use federal money to discriminate against people. The language of this directive is so broad and so vague because it is part of a long line of attempts by this administration to sow confusion and encourage any employer to act on their worst prejudices. No employer should be allowed to use taxpayer dollars to fire someone because of who they are.”

Review the Department of Labor anti-LGBT memo ordered by the ‘White House’ – CLICK HERE

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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