‘Space Force Condoms’  by ‘Say It With A Condom’, steps up its creativity game with the debut of limited edition ‘Space Force Condoms for gay, bisexual and heterosexual men.

“Donald Trump’s Space Force isn’t intended to explore Uranus, but you can do that on your own with these condoms,” said a ‘Say It With A Condom’ spokesperson. “When you’re looking to safely collude with Putin, these Space Force condoms will allow you to blast off when Mueller is on your tail. Spread dominance in space, not STDS.”

According to the company’s publicity division, the ‘Space Force Condoms’ are the latest range from ‘Say It With A Condom that got its start in 2008: Owner and founder Benjamin Sherman made creative condoms lampooning the campaigns of Barack Obama and John McCain with the slogan, “Remember the election with your next erection.”

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According to the company’s R&D division, the ‘Space Force Condoms’ features the proposed logos of the proposed Space Force and can be used, according to the company, for the next time you get sucked into a black hole; when you want to show someone the milky way; or exploring new worlds and uncharted territory, safely. A portion of all profits will be donated to the Carl Sagan Institute.

Say It With A Condom™ believes that condoms are a powerful tool to start a conversation about your brand, product, service or event. They know what they’re designing isn’t just a tagline, it’s your message – and a lot of people will receive it. That is why their goal is to create impactful condom marketing campaigns that inform, educate and engage.

Working with everyone from individuals looking for funny gag gifts and memorable party favors, to collegiate organizations promoting events, parties, Rush Week, Say It With A Condom developed safe sex and awareness campaigns for nonprofits as well as state and local governments. Designed as marketing tools for clients in every industry-music, film, commercial, manufacturing-to create specialized giveaways to promote awareness of their brand, product, service and/or event.

For more information, visit the official site of Say It With A Condom.

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Article by: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

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