‘Body High’ – The fresh new pulsating Electro-Pop single from ‘Sam Bluer’ who debuted on Gay Music Chart 2018 Week 33 at #24 this week with an impressive amount of votes from LGBTQ fans worldwide. The ‘Body High’ music video directed by Amber Mealing, was unleashed on YouTube 3 weeks ago and with its debut on Gay Music Chart 2018 Week 33 at #24, we are sure to see Bluer hit mainstream media outlets this fall.

When Sam Bluer gave us a taste of his talents with his first pop single ‘Shift’, he has now taken it to another level with his intoxicating vocals on the  ‘Body High’  track. In fact, Sam Bluer is set to be Australia’s next big thing in Pop Music.

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Body High Music VIdeo

Sam Bluer opened up about his new single ‘Body High’ and how the track is about wanting to get with an ex one more time despite knowing it’ll be damaging in the long run. Bluer’s intoxicating vocals works perfectly alongside the heavy electronic production which takes you back and forth between emotional melodies and heart stopping beats.

Purples Sneakers describes the ‘Body High’ music video as a “Neon-soaked interpretation of the track that perfectly evokes that feeling of the ‘Body High’. Taking place at a house party, we see Bluer singing along to the song among shots of party-goers dancing and hanging out. Matching the energy of the track, we start to see glimpses of passion among-st them, with slow motion takes depicting that rush of feeling you get when close to someone special. Special mention should go to the sexually and culturally diverse casting, which does wonders to hammer home the point that this feeling of ‘Body High’ is universal.”

genres: Pop Music | Dance

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Directed by: Amber Mealing

Body High - Sam Bluer CDExecutive Producer: Anne Maree Shelton

Producer: Gabrielle Pearson

Cinematographer: Amy Dellar

Editor: Sarah Saw

Production co: Eye Sea Films

© 2018 Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd.

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Wrriter

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