‘Costa Rica Supreme Court’ ruled at Midnight last Wednesday that the ban on ‘same-sex marriage’ was unconstitutional and has  in effect, legalized gay marriage and has given the government 18 months to change the Law however this only prolongs the victory. Why is it that LGBTQ couples must wait until 2020 for the government to change the current Law?

Costa Rica’s first openly gay legislator, Enrique Sánchez, (Citizen Action Party), said “It think it’s improbable that in 18 months the assembly with resolve this.”

Magistrate Fernando Castillo said in a news conference following the ruling by the Costa Rica Supreme Court on legalizing ‘same-sex marriage’ …”The laws were inconsistent with an opinion issued in January by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.” Castillo went on to state that “The Costa Rica Supreme Court had stated that countries such as Costa Rica had signed the American Convention on Human Rights back in January. The court had to take immediate action to legalize gay marriage.”

Plaintiff in the case attorney Marco Castillo had a bitter taste for the court’s ruling ‘same-sex marriage’ telling journalists in attendance…”The ruling makes no sense. Basically what it does is prolong the wait for the fulfillment of our rights,” said Castillo.

LGBTQ activist Margarita Salas voiced her frustration over the ruling saying …“It’s a judicial aberration for a state entity to recognize that discrimination exists, and at the same time allow that discrimination to continue for 18 months more,” said Salas.

In this reporter’s opinion, I believe the court was trying to have it both ways and at the same time, soften the blow for evangelicals considering the current Costa Rica Assembly has 14 of its 57 members that are evangelical pastors so one can see that moving towards passing legislation for same-sex marriage is going to be a heated one.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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