‘Nasty Pig’ Collection and 665 Distribution bring consumers the Nasty Pig Crop, Nasty Pig Net Trunk and the Nasty Pig Snout Towel in time for PRIDE Season.

Since 2013 Nasty Pig has been a big proponents of cropping tees. In their flagship store on 19th street in NYC, the number of guys who request to crop their purchases including the fresh new Net Trunk, has increased each summer.

For 2018 they have pre-edited this style down so you don’t need to come to NYC to get the look. Pair this style up with a pair of our cut offs for that real trade look.

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The ‘Net Trunk‘ is definitely one that men will take a second glance at! Any time we can go a little retro and a little futuristic at the same time we know we’re deep in Nasty Pig territory. The Net Trunk nails both at the same time. The contrast trim accents your ass and the white ‘NASTY PIG’ underlay print drives the point home.  Made of Performance Pointelle and Porthole Mesh, this pair of trunks can function in any sweaty environment you find yourself in.

665 Distributions caps it off with the Snout Towel!

According to the company, they want to know if you are interested in being too happy to get some sleep and catch some sun at the same time. The Snout Towel is the perfect accessory to match your lifestyle. Oversized at 35” x 60” and incredibly plush. The bold black and white print stands out wherever you lay out, and when you’re ready to get up and cruise the beach, wrap this towel around your waist.

665 Distribution is now shipping the fresh new items from Nasty Pig. Contact one of 665 Distribution’s account representatives at 1-818-678-9193 | Facebook | Google+ | Instagram | Twitter

Article by: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

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