‘The Happytime Murders’ is the upcoming comedy for adults starring the one and only Melissa McCarthy (The Boss, Spy and Hangover Part III), Maya Rudolph, Joel McHale, and Elizabeth Banks in a Brian Henson film. The screenplay was written by Todd Berger.

“In a world where puppets co-exist with humans as second class citizens, Phil Phillips (Bill Barretta), puppet private eye and disgraced ex-cop, is hot on the trail of the serial killer who murdered his brother and is now targeting the cast members of the 1980s television series The Happytime Gang. As the killings continue, Jenny (Elizabeth Banks), Phil’s former flame, is next on the list. It’s up to Phil and Detective Edwards (Melissa McCarthy), his ex-partner, to find the culprit, but as bad blood and old resentments resurface, the clues start pointing to the only viable suspect: Phil himself. Now he’s on the run with only his wits and hard-headed determination as he and his partner attempt to solve the Happytime Murders”

In May 2017, it as announced that legendary comedian/actor Melissa McCarthy had signed on to star in ‘The Happytime Murders’ as well as serve as one of the producers on the project.  Plus McCarthy contributed minor, uncredited rewrites of the film’s screenplay.  Principal production on ‘The Happytime Murders’ took place in Los Angeles, California on September 11, 2017.

Cast: Melissa McCarthy | Elizabeth Banks | Joel McHale | See Full Cast

genres: Comedy

The Happiness Murders, Melissa McCarthy, Elizabeth Banks, Joel McHaleDirected by: Brian Henson

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Produced by: Ben Falcone | Brian Henson | Melissa McCarthy

Production co: The Jim Henson Company

Distributed by: STX Entertainment

Country: USA

Language: English

Release date: August 17, 2018

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