‘Heal’ is the new music video from Los Angeles-based pop artist Michael Medrano and judging by the subject matter, he has hit a chord for both the LGBT community and the Heterosexual community when it comes to abuse. Medrann and Grand scored big by debuting at #38 on the Gay Music Chart Week 21 with ‘Heal’.

While the openly gay pop artist has enjoyed huge success with previous hit singles “Drunk” and “Ignite” over the past several years, ‘Heal’ is the one that could be the biggest hit of them all for the young pop artist.

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After a year on hiatus, Michael Medrano teamed up with country/pop artist Steve Grand for ‘Heal, which critics describe as “An impassioned yet somber electro/pop collaboration that stands out from either of the artists’ back catalogs.”

The ‘Heal’ tracks talks about failing relationship which often involves emotional and physical abuse. In fact Both Michael Medrano and Steve Grand opened up on their own experiences and the damage each of them endured in previous relationships. How the trauma of relationships involving abuse shape them both.

Cast: Michael Medrann | Steve Grand

genres: Pop Music

Directed by: Isaac Luna

Production co: Luna-Medrano Productions

Distributed by: Luna-Medrano Records

Country: USA

Language: English

Run Time: 3 Minutes 44 Seconds

Release date: May 12, 2018

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler”, Jacobs

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