Entrenue made two donations of $500 to two organizations on behalf of its most recent raffle’s winner, As You Like It. Kim Marks, owner of As You Like It in Eugene, Ore., chose to support two organizations dedicated to environmental activism and social support services, with $500 going to Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS) of Lane County and $500 going to The Green Team at Na’ah Illahee Fund.

“These two non-profits highlight different types of work in this world that are so important for our future,” Marks said. “SASS looks after people’s well-being while Green Team and the Na’ah Illahee Fund really look after the Earth’s well-being. With all that is happening right now with the #metoo movement creating space for voices to be heard, there needs to be more support services out there to help with healing. We only have one planet, and it is in our best interest to learn how to be less of an impact on it and more responsible with our relationship to the Earth. We need to mitigate climate change, which means finding alternatives, reusing what we have, and teaching others how to tread more lightly.”

Entrenue established its semi-annual raffle several years ago to promote its dedication to community support and service, inviting customers to enter for the chance to select a special charity to receive a $1,000 donation.

“Our dedicated customers are personally connected to an amazing array of organizations dedicated to bettering the lives of others and the environment around us, and it’s been such a pleasure to share the charity raffle experience with them,” Entrenue CEO Joe Casella said. “The team and I are inspired by the stories and motivations behind each winner’s choice and it’s an honor to collaborate to make a positive effect on our community. Kim’s donations fall near and dear to Entrenue’s heart and it was an honor to take part in something so personal for such a valued and respected customer.”

As You Like It is a body-safe, eco-conscious, gender-inclusive sex toy shop and educational center. Marks, a cancer survivor who brings more than 20 years of environmental and social justice activism to the table, is an enthusiast of organic and non-toxic body care products as a means to help promote holistic wellness.

Marks’ passion for body-safe pleasure products, sex education, and LGBTQ rights has led her to become a go-to person in her community for advice on relationships, and healthy communication. Marks also created As You Like It Organics, a line of certified organic body butters and massage oils that is available through Entrenue.

For more information about As You Like It Organics, Entrenue and its semi-annual raffle, call (800) 368-7268 | EMAIL | Visit the official Entrenue B2B Site.

Article by: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

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