Passion Bud arousal oils and Eldorado Trading Company have partnered to distribute the fellow Colorado-based company exclusively to retailers. “Passion Bud was founded with the mission of helping people put the passion back into their love lives,” a rep explained. The company’s Female Arousal Oils were created with enhancing women’s sexual experience in mind by reducing discomfort and assisting with natural lubrication. “The products use the highest sensual topical oil blend infused with pure distilled hemp oil to enhance experience, sensitivity and increase blood flow creating a natural aphrodisiac.”

Alexa Elliot, founder of Passion Bud, said, “We have chosen the multi-award winning distributor to be our distributor because of its skill and knowledge of the marketplace and its ability to distribute and promote our products nationally.  Our veteran reps give us great personalized service with future distribution projections so we can plan as a business. We decided to give them exclusivity on our products at this time because we trust them and believe they are the best company for our business moving forward!”

Jon Vogt, Eldorado ’s director of purchasing, added, “We are happy to add Passion Bud’s high quality products to Eldorado’s offerings. Their use of natural and effective ingredients is sure to be a hit with customers.”

Passion Bud Female Arousal Oil is available in three sizes and is now shipping from Eldorado. For more information on the product and to place an order, please call 1-800-525-0848 | International Calls: (303) 444-4622 | EMAIL | Facebook | Twitter..

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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