By: William Lopez, Staff Writer

Trans publication “Transformation” has announced the release of its latest issue (#104) with cover model TEA winner Mia Maffia. Grooby currently manages the editorial content of the quarterly magazine.

“The European trans adult scene has been growing substantially over the past few years, although it still has a long way to catch up to the U.S.,” said Steven Grooby. “We’re seeing more homegrown girls from not only the countries you would expect, but from Poland, Finland, Bulgaria, etc. I’ve long wanted to do this ‘Euro Special’ and in some little way hope it may encourage more trans models from all across Europe.” said Grooby.

Issue #104, officially titled as the Euro Issue, features center spread Maffia, profiles of some of the most popular European t-girls, the London nightlife scene, Renee Reyes’ “Practical Fashion Tips,” a personal story from Ariel Hudson and many other features.

Mia Maffia and more can purchase a copy and past issues directly by visiting CenturianOnline.

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